A stormy (iPhone) day at the beach

It was a perfect day for windsurfing.

A storm, rain plastering down, empty beaches.

My iPhone took great pics and survived.

Until, at day’s end, it took a plunge in the jacuzzi.

Now it is bathing in rice, for another 24 hours.

Hoping for the best and enjoying its pictures in the meantime.

window, rain, ocean

clouds, storm, b&w

car, window, rain, drops

windsurfing, waves, bay, canadian hole

surf, close up, wave, beach

surf, lighthouse, beach

hatteras, lighthouse, cape, surf
#iPhoneOnlyPhotos #OBX #storm #ocean #surf

All photos were taken with my iPhone (in a waterproof Joto bag as Lifeproofs are not available yet) and edited in Snapseed on my iPad and uploaded with BlogPadPro.

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14 thoughts on “A stormy (iPhone) day at the beach”

  1. OMG!!!! no no nnnnnoooooooo!
    You know I am freaking out on your behalf, and holding my phone tightly to my chest right now.
    Thank goodness you have some stunning photos here that I can look at to calm down. 🙂

  2. OH NO! I hope the rice trick does the job. Your pictures are great though I did wonder about you windsurfing in that gale! I saw in the news this morning there were sharks on the beach down your way!

    • As you know by now – it did not… Sharks?! Good thing I didn’t know before – phew. But we are usually windsurfing in the (enclosed) bay, so no sharks, but still. David’s boogie boarding…

    • Yep, and it should! Seriously, waves and surf, shore break can be so powerful. And easy, very easy to underestimate. I stayed well away from that one.
      I bet the foliage is great at the moment. Actually since we’re back, I just got a glimpse at it. Especially against a grey sky.

  3. Oh no! What a pity! Hopefully, your valuable phone dries out! Somehow reminds me of a movie featuring Christoph Waltz and Kate Winsley (a.o.) throwing his iPnone into a flower vase (Carnage – German Gott des Gemetzels…)

    At least your photos convey an impression of the storm’s power! Did you and David really go out on this occasion?

    Take care,

    • Hahaha – I love that ‘German Gott des Gemetzels’ – LOL – don’t know the film though 🙂 Well, unfortunately it did not dry out, I will need a replacement.
      I actually did not got out, that’s another story, but I would have. And David did. It actually looks worse than it was at the time. You know – editing… 😉


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