Under the milkyway



(under the milky way)


It is time to say goodbye.

Farewell to ocean, beach and surfing.

And also to my new companion.

Thinking of all the fun in

this short time we had together.


Viewing the sun rise and set

even enjoying the rain, being dressed

properly in waterproof casing, I ordered

just for you, special delivery directly

to our vacation home. Together we

explored time-lapse, slo-mo, sand and waves.


All in vain. You got tempted,

stars, milky waycaught in the wind and took a dive.

Followed me into the jacuzzi, involuntarily.

Drying you immediately and an extended

close encounter with rice, yet nothing

could bring you back to life.


You have left me for good.

I am sad, mourning the loss

of a great companion, friend for

your whole life of 27 days.

In loving memory – R.I.P. – under stars.

 ~my first (real) try at star photography ~

stars, milkyway


And now for the Friday Four Fill ins ~ here is from Hilary’s blog:
  1. What would be your favorite time or historical event to witness if you could time-travel?
  2. Certainly a new  iPhone will re-appear in my very near future.
  3. A real joy is making a picture rather than just snapping one.
  4. Joining a blog hop makes me happily blog with (virtual) friends and purpose.
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26 thoughts on “Under the milkyway”

  1. BOO-HOO-HOO! I feel your pain. What a tragedy to lose such a dear valuable friend! Although, your time together was short you have forever captured memories to revisit. Did you have replacement insurance on your iPhone? *cross fingers•

    • Thank you, Cathy. Indeed for the first time ever, I did take out that ‘care +’ insurance. I will still have to pay a fee, but that’s o.k. it is my fault after all, right?! I hope to be getting it tomorrow.

    • That is so true, Annie. And believe me, I am fully aware that this is ‘only’ a device, not a living being – that, indeed would be totally different. My phone can and will be replaced.
      Thank you.

  2. You of course know what this is doing to me, right? nothing — not even a rice bath could save it? Oh sad day indeed!
    nice star pic tho!
    A lot of people probably think I’d like to go back and witness a big religious event – and not that it wouldn’t be great of course — but honestly, I’d love to go back and be in the room when Leonardo was painting the Mona Lisa. Or when Thoreau went out into the woods, or when Beethoven was seated at his piano composing. To witness a great piece of Art being birthed would be really cool!! That moment of creative inspiration come to life.

    • Nope, that trick did not work for me. Not sure why. I guess the fact that I could not turn it off immediately is why, but… Those star pics are the real deal though, DSLR not iPhone.

      I love your answer. To witness the birth of art – that would indeed be grand!

  3. Time travel would be interesting although I think I would like to go back to 50’s when Elvis became King and Buddy Holly was rocking it.

  4. Such a lovely sad tribute. I am so sorry you could not save your phone. But at least you have the memories and all of the lovely pictures you shared together.

    And who knows, maybe one of those “stars” in the milky way is your friend sending a flash your way.


    • Thanks, Susi. Since I was at the Outer Banks, I actually waited to go to the Apple store until I was back on Sunday and then they didn’t have it in stock 🙁 So, I had to go to a different one on Monday, when I finally picked it up after work – yay!

    • It really is amazing how ‘attached’ you can get to a device. Life does not depend on it, but it certainly has its spot in my life. e.g. I missed out on taking photos of the most awesome sunset we had during our time there. I was on the road getting groceries, so I did not have my DSLR with me, when the sun set. And it was so, so beautiful, really beyond words. Unbelievable, but I was so sad that I couldn’t take a picture of it (and seeing all others with their phones happily snapping away) that I almost cried – sigh – oh well, it is still in my memory.


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