Sunday morning

I had a slack week. No, actually I did not. But with reference to running I was lazy, because my last time was last weekend.

And the world seems to have changed within this one week one hell of a lot. Bushes that were sprouting wonderful blossoms stood bare, leaves were flying in the breeze and congregating on the ground.

I am sad. I find these signs of fall depressing.

Oh well, seasons change. For a reason. I suppose.

Happy Sunday!

Reflection selfie while on a running break to take photos. I haven’t seen that many joggers early in the morning ever…

6 thoughts on “Sunday morning”

  1. Fall is a time for introspection. Its also a time for gathering ahead of the coming winter. I use this time to gather my thoughts about the previous year and how I can improve things or change things. Its like the seeds of those thoughts are planted and they winter over and begin coming forth with the spring. I know not everyone likes this season.

    I like the last picture Claudia. Those neon pink laces are pretty cool!

  2. The light in the first shot is just amazing! I always admire how good you are chasing the light. I guess, the signs of Fall are a little easier to swallow down here – it’s mostly pumpkin spice everything in the stores and the displays changing. Outside, not too much changes, at least not yet, by next month it may finally be a bit cooler in the mornings and that’ll be great! But other than that, life in the sunshine state continues on. šŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Susi! I do love the play of light and shadow very much. Which is why I take photos of big contrast so often šŸ™‚
      Well, it is called sunshine state for a reason, right?! I am just very certain that I will not move any further north than where I am today. In fact, rather further south.

  3. okay second try — it said I was a spambot!! LOL

    Fall is too early — just too early. I don’t want to wear socks just yet.
    The site looks good though – it loaded pretty fast.

    • You know what, Leslie, yesterday I updated the site with a new (almost) full screen slider and then, today, this afternoon I started fiddling again. A new theme. I just don’t know why I can never stop with this – arrrrgh – well, at least you said it was o.k. to load. Well, we’ll see.


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