Sing – praise to the beauty of nature



Praise to the beauty of nature



Sundown, quick – take its photo, there. 🙂

David - showing me the sun

Isolation is a technique in arts

An isolated red leaf

Nature lives where her light reaches

Natures choice of light

Glistening dewdrops are like precious gems

Glistening dew drops


And now for the Friday Four Fill ins ~ here is from Hilary’s blog:feelingbeachiebutton 200x200
  1. The beach is very addictive to me
  2. Smartphones are pretty addictive to me
  3. I like to be extremely addictive to you – LOL
  4. My dream house would be absolutely addictive to hubby and I

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12 thoughts on “Sing – praise to the beauty of nature”

    • Yeah, the play between light and shadow – it gets me. Always. Unlike fall this year, I am having a real hard time of letting summer go. But it really is that time. It is sooo cold, I started thinking about lighting the first fire. In September. In NJ…


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