True colors

coffeechatLeslie question today is: Sweet or salty? This is an easy one. Or – is it? Well, pretty easy. My answer? Salty. Except if it is being served with coffee or tea. i don’t think I cannot really imagine anything salty with those beverages. But, in the evening, with whatever is on the drinking menu i usually grab something salty, while David is the ‘sweet one’ 🙂 Although usually he first steals some of my salty stuff before he diggs into his cookie or chocolate. And sometimes, I do exactly the same. Lately I have discovered Trader Joe’s Kettlecorn salty & spicy & sweet – that is THE absolute best – yum!

songographyAnd after a little absence for Kathy’s You’ll-shoot-your-eyes-out Song-ography since it moved from Sunday to Tuesday I thought I would give this meme another shot. This week’s song is “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper. And what can be truer than the colors of the sun rising?

sunrise, obx, ocean

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10 thoughts on “True colors”

  1. That is one SWEET photo!! Sunsets calm down my salty nature. Har har.

    I am with you, I go for salty for more these days. But I might just steal a bite or two of the hubby’s sweet stuff. (that didn’t sound quite right….??? oops)

    • Hahaha – hope you liked hubby’s sweet stuff – LOL
      Sunsets may do just that, however this was the sun rising. What does that to your salty nature? 😉
      I think I really have always been ‘salty’. I mean I do not want to live without sweeties or chocolate, ever. But – salty, yep, that’s me.

  2. Spectacular! I love the way you have a slice of light in the middle. I thought this was a sunset at first. Even more awesome that a day started with this much beauty!

  3. Breathtaking sunset!!
    I like sweet first, followed by salty.
    I have a big sweet tooth but since it’s fall, I generally find myself craving meatballs and soups. Random! And popcorn.

    • No, no, not a sunset. I am still on the east coast, so this is a sunrise 🙂 Thankfully for me the sun rises fairly late, about 6:40 am, these days – LOL
      I really, really love chocolate, however, if given the choice and can only have one, I’d probably go salty. But, I just love nuts, popcorn, whatever that now comes in sweet and salty (and spicy) – I am sold.


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