Back at the beach

It is fall, unmistakenly and definitely fall in New Jersey. And what do we do in fall? We take a trip to the Outer Banks. To enjoy warmer weather, the beach, the ocean, possibly some windsurfing and boogie boarding, all in all a wonderful extension to our summer.

The drive went smoothly until we got to Oregon inlet. Actually that went smooth, too, yet we were very happy, once again, to be driving Tuffie. Although, as you can see normal cars were o.k., too. The water was so high, that the road connecting Pea Island and Hatteras got flooded and we had to drive through a foot to a foot and a half deep water. I was so fascinated that I only took these two photos. But that white car you see in the second photo coming towards us was quite a sight to see plowing through that deep water.

At the beginning of our trip it was raining, but the further south the better the weather got. When we hit the Outer Banks some beautiful clouds appeared. Thankfully by that time David was driving so that I could snap some iPhone pictures. All of the pictures in this post were taken with my iPhone, but edited on my iPad. So, I am not sure if I can still call them iPhoneOnlyPhotos.

 There was this one band of clouds spanning from east to west, it was quite magnificent. North and south of it we had blue skies, but look at it. Doesn’t it almost look like a hurricane? In any case I couldn’t take my eyes or my camera off it.

At one point there as a little hole in the band of clouds and the sun peaked through. Casting a spot light on to the inlet water, glistening like a thousand diamonds. I thought to present this one in black and white.

When we got to the house it was still quite early. We unpacked Tuffie and the, sure as hell (or heaven), we had to check out the beach. Since it was still light and warm I thought, just in case, I would wear my swimshorts to wade in the surf.

So, I did and took a few photos, the moon was already up high. When I ‘felt’ this sneaker wave behind me, turned around, hit the shutter and in a split second decided to go down on my knees. This wave was so powerful it would have surely knocked me down. Even so, I had to stabilize myself with one hand, the other holding the iPhone high and I felt the sand being sucked away from under me. Impressive. Now I was 80 % wet and even the iPhone got a few splashes, but it is fine. So, I decided to hand it to David and have a little more fun in the water, wet as I was.

David timed this photo perfectly. Just as the surf hit and splashed against me. Fun. Do you see the sunlight on the clouds? And even on the white caps of the breaking waves. It was such a beautiful evening.

Guess what I am looking at while splashing in the water? Yes, David, the beach, our house – but, also…

… one of those magnificent OBX sundowns. Aaaah, we are back. Back where we belong?

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14 thoughts on “Back at the beach”

    • Thanks, Debby! It’s actually funny seeing them now on the laptop screen I think they look kind of weird, too bright. As I mentioned I edited them on the iPad. Makes me wonder and worry how other people see them on their (un-calibrated) screens. But I am glad you like them. Yes, that water was a wee bit scary, I dare say.

  1. I got really distracted by the clouds and the water! Whoa. I had to keep scrolling up and down to get thoughts here and still look at photos, and still read.
    I really, really want to be there NOW. What stunning.. everything.
    And I love the descriptions of the waves. I could almost feel them, even that one that knocks me down.

    • You know what, Tamara? As I am replying to the comments here, I am still scrolling up to the photos. It really was that beautiful. I just love it here. Especially this time of year, when it is way less busy than in summer.
      Waves – they are magnificent, they scare me quite a bit, but I still love them. A couple of days later, David went boogie-boarding and I wanted to just swim. But due to the tide (and whatever else) the shore break was huge. I mean as tall as me (6’1″) at least, so you really had to wait for a break to get out. Which David did, but I wussed out 🙂

  2. Hope you are enjoying your trip and get in lots of time in and on the water! I love seeing pics of the beach – same coast line but totally different!

  3. ah, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!
    I needed to see this today. to start my week off knowing such beauty exists in places not so very far away.
    Looks like the makings of a fabulous vacation!
    I need one like that! 🙂

    • Oh, you would totally love it here, Les. And you know what, you would even feel at home, because there are quite a few Canadians here. And they’re always hanging out together 😉
      So far it really has been great!


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