My two monsters are going on a journey

What can I say? I just can’t help it. I found another awesome meme that I may be participating in from time to time. It is called ‘Creative Tuesdays’ and happens bi-weekly on Tuesdays.  There’s not too much pressure, you know that I want to eliminate that from my life, so that is good. However, there is one minor twist – there is always a theme to adhere to. And this week it is: ‘lil monsters.

Now I am pretty sure that Michael, the creative behind Creative Tuesdays, had children on his mind. But being that I don’t have children I thought I’d just let my fantasy wander off.

And wander it did. Please meet my two little monsters. The blue one actually made its first appearance on my sARTurday art post as it tried to grab the surfer. This time they are flying off into magical, mystery land. Who knows where these two rascals might end up…

Once again this was done 100 % on my iPad, but don’t worry, I am still sketching heaps in my journal as well. I actually find it a lot of fun to switch these media any way my mood strikes me.


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19 thoughts on “My two monsters are going on a journey”

    • Thank you very much, Christine. Actually, a lot of very good artists are working on an iPad these days. It is an easy(ish) switch if you are working with e.g. a Wacom tablet in Photoshop or such anyway, which I do. I would not want to be without my Wacom 🙂

  1. Claudia! Welcome to Creative Tuesdays! How BRILL to have you join us! Ok, ok, hahaha, too many exclamation marks here. I will try to refrain. (Cough-cough.) I so love meeting new artists online and seeing how they interpret any given theme each fortnight –this one is no exception. I love it! Love that splash of red (even if rather ominous if that’s blood? ) and the freedom of it all. Children in mind? Hmm…well, for me, yes, but you never know what someone else will think as as long as we’re following the guidelines, I’m good with anything pretty much! Thank you so much for joining in. I really enjoyed your marvelous write up for this piece too!

    Oohh…. I’m excited that you will hopefully join us again soon. Great job, Caludia and great meeting you.

    • I am very glad that I found Creative Tuesdays, thank you so much for hosting, Michael. I will certainly try to join on a regular basis. In fact I cannot wait to start on the next theme. It is really interesting to see the different interpretations of it.
      Blood, huh? Well, I guess with the color that is a rather obvious one – hahaha – I ‘masked’ them as birds later on, but still, as Debbi says, a snack on the way.

  2. I love your imagination!!! My kids would love to have you draw lil monsters for them. They would make up a little story for you too. You’d probably end up in Scooby Doo land, or Avengers Tower eventually — but it would be a great adventure. LOL

    • Idaaaa! I missed you. I have been so ‘away’ of sorts… got to hop over to your virtual home in a moment.
      Thanks for checking in with me. Actually this was on my iPad, not phone, meaning the bigger screen is a lot better suited for drawing, as is the iPad Pro vs. the regular iPad 🙂

  3. hallo claudia,
    ich hab keinen knies innerlich mit dir oder mit monica.
    werbung ist inzwischen auf allen wordpressblogs, habe ich vorgestern rausgefunden, die wordpressler können wohl nix dagegen machen.
    monica hat mir einen sehr unfreundlichen satzt geschrieben:
    you are no longer welcome on my blog.
    eindeutiger geht es ja wohl nicht, und da dachte ich, na gut, ihr seid freundinnen….
    wie auch immer, inzwischen bin ich ja ohnehin, nach diesem supersatz woanders unterwegs,
    wenn interesse, willkommen auf
    herzlich pippa

    • Hallo Pippa,
      Danke für Deinen Besuch. Das ist allerdings ein sehr unfreundlicher Satz, den ich auch wördlich genommen, aber auch nachgefragt hätte, was dahinter steckt? Aber das wäre ich, so sind wir halt unterschiedlich.
      Daß wordpessler mit Werbung leben müssen halte ich für ein Gerücht. Ich habe zum Testen einen freien wordpressblog und da ist Null Werbung drauf. Es ist immer die Entscheidung des Inhabers, ob Werbung läuft oder nicht und die Entscheidung des Besuchers es zu akzeptieren oder nicht.
      Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Vatertag und Sommer!


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