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coffeechatToday Les’ – Time out for Mom’s prompt for our Tuesday Coffee Chat is: If you could go back to your childhood, what thing would you do right now that you have missed as an adult?

Uh oh, I stuffed up, aaaargh! I checked Les’ prompts and I answered next week’s. So, I am quickly (!) and briefly (!) changing it to the right one. Well, actually, you know now that I think about it – the answer is kind of in the paragraphs and my photo below. So, I will leave it at that. Sorry, Les!

Lately though there have been a few things happening in our lives, I won’t delve any deeper into it, that made us realize that we should make an effort to change a few things. Not so much obvious, physical things, but deeper rooted ones within us. So, when we went to the public library a few weeks back, I took out this book: You can heal your life by Louise L. Hay. Most likely it appealed to me at first, because of the beautiful artwork in it. But when I started reading, it struck a chord with me, big time. Since then I bought the book to have it as reference material. And I also got myself a deck of her Power Thought Cards, to have one single thought that will stick with me each day. Oh, and since Hay House is a publisher, they have their own website, but there is also the You can heal your life – website with daily inspiration – take a look here.

As with everything in life I am not sure where this path will lead me, but so far I am liking it. But I am human, I need reminders. A reminder to smile, to be happy – not at some time in the future, but now. That website serves this purpose, so do my cards and I am sure there are a multitude of other tools out there. For me, as a photographer, it means that I will be working a bit more with typography photos. Meaning I will pair my photo with a quote and upload the finished work right here and/or on one of the social media sites. So, when you see them, don’t be alarmed (since those who know me well, will realize that this is new for me), I am good, just stretching a little…

So, here is the first of my typography photos with a quote I found on the Heal Your Life website. Thank you.

Lilac quote


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10 thoughts on “Typography photos & quotes”

  1. Typography is wonderful. I don’t seem to have a knack for it but I always imagined selling t-shirts and stickers with photos/quotes! Who knows?
    I like the positive message that we can heal our lives. I believe it.

    • Honestly – I am having mixed feelings. Maybe because I am seeing quite a bit of typography in my photographer circles. Then again, can there ever be too much of positive thinking? I believe in it, too

      p.s. I am sorry, not sure how I missed the comments on this post 🙁

  2. I love this. I’ve been pairing quotes with my pictures for quite some time and love to make “quote pins”, as I call them. I made one last week and was reminded how much I miss it, so now I’m on the hunt again and found a few great quotes int he book I’m currently reading. So, as time allows I will post my own creations. Can’t wait to see more of yours!!! 🙂

    • Yes, I have been dabbling a bit here and there, mostly on my iPhone though. We’ll see how much of it I will publish…

      p.s. I am sorry, not sure how I missed the comments on this post 🙁

  3. this is so wonderful. nothing takes me back to childhood more than the scent of lilacs. they were everywhere around the farm when I was growing up. all along the roads for the drive there. in the woods. Lilacs are definitely a happy thought for me.
    My bush in the front yard has finally bloomed, so I will have some shots soon.
    Love, love that quote.
    that IS exactly what I am talking about. that’s definitely a “ssshhhh” moment. 🙂

    • Awww, thanks, Leslie. In fact, lilacs remind me of my childhood, too. My grandma had a couple of big bushes in her garden and when they were in bloom I just had to walk past them and take sniff 😉
      Enjoy your lilacs while they last, I just saw that ours here are now past their prime already…

      p.s. I am sorry, not sure how I missed the comments on this post 🙁


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