Normandy WWII memorial photos

songographyFive for Fighting’s “100 Years” is Kathy’s song at You’ll-shoot-your-eyes-out Song-ography this week. A true life’s song. Kind of ties in with my Friday post, too – memories. Life happens, no matter your age, and memories are made. Yet over time they fade, lest we are being reminded.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend in the US. Commonly we look at this day as the beginning of summer, BBQ and beach season, I am no exception there, even though the weather could be a bit better for it. But, as the name says it really is the day to remember. To think of those who gave their life in active military service. I found this very good article about the meaning of Memorial Day – have a read, please.

In remembrance of those fallen in WW II in Europe I dug out photos I took almost exactly seven years ago in Normandy. David and I took a week’s vacation trip, stayed in a cute little house with a reed roof and had a great time. We did a few day trips from our ‘home base’ and among them a trip to the landing beaches in France. These are pictures from Arromanches-Les-Bains and Omaha Beach, the D-Day monument taken on a June day 63 years later, WWII memorial photos.


(with the remnants, caissons, of WW II still visible in the ocean)

_DSC4311 _DSC4323 _DSC4327

The Landing Beaches, Omaha Beach and D-Day Monument

_DSC4341 _DSC4340 _DSC4339 _DSC4338 _DSC4332

Final resting place of too many

_DSC4348 _DSC4351 _DSC4352_DSC4345

And this one here I took just a few weeks back right here in Whippany. Preparing for the Memorial Day Parade, the American flag and spring blossoms, a sign of new life, a new beginning.

American Flag

And I just couldn’t resist. While doing a little research on Memorial Day, I suddenly remembered this song from the late 80s by Bryan Adams: Remembrance Day. And with that I will leave you until next Sunday for another round of Song-ography.

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14 thoughts on “Normandy WWII memorial photos”

    • I didn’t necessarily go there, but hubby and his friend did, so I tagged along for the photos etc. Now, I am actually glad I did, because it is pretty cool. And I probably should have specified, at the time, we did live in Germany 🙂

    • Thanks, Carol. That is right, I totally forgot about that, but there was a setting somewhere setting the word count in a comment to a minimum of 3 – another means to prevent spam… Sorry, ’bout that.

  1. It’s strange that Memorial Day falls this time of year so people use it as a light, fun start to summer. BBQs, drinking, etc. And people say “Happy Memorial Day!” I always found that weird.
    These are gorgeous photos. That b&w white is so moody and lovely!

    • Yes, I guess this date makes it just natural for people to see it as the start of summer. Not being American, that is how I got to know Memorial Day, until I did some research. Not that there is anything wrong with BBQs etc., just the holiday was meant differently. Which is why I liked that post that I linked to 🙂
      Thank you, Tamara.

  2. Thank you Claudia. I personally think Memorial Day is for everyone, no matter what country we come from. Because when lives are lost fighting for something they believe in, they should be honored for that sacrifice, even if we do not agree with them. Beautiful pictures.

    • You are bringing it to the point, Debbi ‘…for everyone, no matter what country …. lives are lost fighting…’ – I agree. As the linked article states, too, this very day the emphasis is on ‘lives lost fighting in active military service’, no matter the country, but nobody else, who lost their lives, no matter how tragic or how heroic. This is the special remembrance day for military personnel.

    • Sometimes the things that are closest to us are the ones furthest away…
      At the time we were living in Germany, so it was still a 12 hours drive, but way closer. And it was well worth the drive.

  3. There is a sense of “silence” in these photos that gives me a bit of a chill. Probably because I know all too well what happened on these shores, and the sacrifices that were made. What a trip this must have been. Thank you for linking up to Song-ography, and thank you for the reminder of the ultimate sacrifices we honor today.

    • It literally was very silent there. o.k. not in the middle of Arromanches, because there were a lot (!) of American tourists there, but at the sights themselves it was quite surprisingly quiet. Which is appropriate and it was nice. It really makes you reflect and remember…


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