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coffeechatDo you think you are brave? Leslie is asking for her Coffee Chat. I know I am a little bit or very early for the chat, but, hey, it has been kind of a short weekend. One of those where you sigh ‘TGIF’ and then, as it seems in a heartbeat, it is Sunday night. Now. And back to work in about 10 hours, give or take.

I am feeling great, because we had / are having a wonderful weekend with an old friend who is briefly visiting from Austria. Good times – talking, eating, playing computer games and, yes, drinking margaritas till the wee hours of Satu…, ahem, Sunday.  But nothing a long sleep in couldn’t cure.

I am feeling bad, because I did not do anything photography related, creative. This is the only time of the week I really do have time to create something, but… you have got to prioritize. And for this one weekend our friend was definitely more important than my being creative.

So, instead of presenting you a new photo creation, I am going to answer Leslie’s question by joining Old School Blogging for another round: Five random facts about me.

1) I am afraid of the dark. Ever since my big brother played pranks on me, in the dark, it kind of stuck. Maybe that is also a reason I do not like horror films. Or too bloody stuff like The Walking Dead, sorry, I only made it through season 1 and by the end of it I was so grossed out by all the blood and gore, that we did not continue watching. A co-worker keeps telling me that the story gets better etc. etc., but then also very vividly describes some bloody scenes – nope, not for me.

2) I am the youngest one of four siblings, and my youngest sister is nine years older than I am. Which is why they claim that I grew up almost like an only child and was spoilt rotten. I guess most of that is pretty true. As, unlike them, I went to high school and college and could have continued with university, but chose not to. Yet, I never felt really spoilt. Our family never had a lot of money, au contraire, but we had us. Now we are living an ocean apart and things are not quite the same anymore. But all is good. We chose where we are now.

3) I really, really wished I could step up my game and make my photography into a business i.e. ‘money making’. Yes, there is always the fear that you might start to hate it when you have to make a living of it, but by now I am confident to say that won’t be the case for me. I know how much I am dreading those days when I did not get to take photos. Or edit photos. Or compose a picture. Something is missing, badly. Yet, I do love my day job, too. The daily communications, organization and logistics – it is fun. And part of any business. I am probably not making too much sense right now. Blame it on the red wine.

4) I play computer games. Yep, I do. Not Facebook games (don’t even bother sending me an invite!), not many and not often, because – you know, time… But when I am too brain dead to edit photos or write or comment on blogs or I don’t cook or clean or what ever other chores there may be, I chose to play computer games. With David. And that is – almost – the best part of playing them.

5) You know that I love the ocean. But, I also fear the ocean. It is beautiful, magnificent, life, full of power and mystery. It is a little bit like my being afraid of the dark. I don’t know what is in the dark depths of the ocean. So, many creatures well adept to their surroundings. Currents and waves, so powerful, able to sweep you away. I am always humbled and amazed at seeing the ocean’s wave power, gnawing away at the land, hollowing stone, making a path. What can stand in its way? Certainly not me.

So, do I think I am brave? Looking at #1 and #5 certainly not by the standard definition of the word ‘brave’ i.e. ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage. But I still hope that if push came to shove, I would stand my ground. Until then my answer will have to be, I really don’t know, most likely braver than some and more afraid than others.

wave, surf

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14 thoughts on “Wave power & 5 random facts”

  1. Yes, you are brave. When you think of all of the things you have done in life alone and also with David, you have done a great deal that others would be too fearful of. Your art, your writing, your traveling – many aspire to all of this but many of them don’t take the bigger steps. Even the bravest of all still have fears though.

    Your brother sounds like my brother with the nighttime pranks. Its a wonder I am not more twisted than I already am. 🙂

  2. I am also the youngest of 4 by 8.5 years! We are very similar in that way. I am sure all of my older brothers (I am the only girl) thought I was quite spoiled!

    Thanks for joining in with Old School Blogging! 🙂

  3. I’m afraid of the ocean too. I don’t have the knowledge to swim in it, without worry that I won’t be able to get out of a tough situation!
    I play computer games too.. not on Facebook. Those seem annoying.

    I was afraid to make my photography a business too, but I didn’t have any other way to make money that I wouldn’t resent or get bored of. So… this is how it happened!

    • The ocean and I – I guess it is a little weird, because I do have the knowledge (through David) and I do have experience, yet, I still fear it. And love it.
      Facebook games AND invitations are annoying, hate them.
      See that is my ‘problem’, I love photography in every respect, everything. But, I really do love my day job, too. It really is a dilemma. Call it life 😉

  4. Every time I go in the ocean, the Jaws theme is playing in the back of my head! And yet, I make myself stay and float and try not to think about it. We just don’t have that kind of fear obviously in our lakes and rivers up here.
    Dark doesn’t bother me: I am the mindset: if I can’t see you – you can’t see me!!! LOL
    I had to get over the blood and gore for the Walking Dead, because I thought the story was so great. And since I have done theatre make up, etc. I can appreciate the talented crew who makes those things look so real: but honestly, it isn’t exactly my kind of thing normally either. I just love the story and the ethical questions that are introduced in the themes.
    I think you summed it up perfectly: we all have our own measure of brave inside of us. Mine will look different than yours; but it’s no less Brave.

    • OMG – for the longest time ever that theme was my nemesis. I had watched parts of the movie as a little kid and afterwards was afraid to even go into a pool! Hahaha – phew, I got over that 😀 Lakes, huh? Ever heard of watersnakes?
      I know everybody tells me the story in Walking Dead is great and keeps you watching, but… I just cannot get over the grossness of the pictures. I can admire it from an artist’s and technical standpoint (you know, to make it look so real), but I think I do not have the need to deal with that right now. So, I don’t.

  5. My sister is 9 years younger than me. She claims to have been raised by 3 mothers and 2 fathers because her siblings literally bossed her around.
    Starting your own business takes a lot of courage as my father will tell you when he started his business with $150 in his pocket and the pillows off of the bed. He made it a success but it had its moments as well.

    • Exactly my feelings, Judy. Although it is not really always a bad thing to have one or more additional moms and dads 🙂
      Yep, my father did the same thing, so I do know how much it takes, which is probably also a reason why…

  6. I was the oldest of 5 and I am 12 years older than the baby. I was the parent.
    Sad but true.
    Thanks mom and dad.
    Actually my psychiatrist thanks them.
    This comment just got all weird.
    In other non-related news. I love the ocean.

    • Hahaha – you know what, Kimberly? Your comment made me giggle. I like that! A lot! I can only imagine, seeing it now years later and from the other end of the ladder, that there were some tough situations for you growing up with and caring for your young siblings. But – you made it!


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