Week #1 of 1-pic-a-day-challenge

Leslie, Susi, Debbi – you are the pillars of my tribe along with David, of course. And I completely agree with your suggestion to have something like a weekly digest of my daily 1-pic-a-day-challenge pictures here on my blog.  That way I will keep everyone who is not on Facebook or Instagram in the loop without overloading (already overloaded) email inboxes. Thank you for your feedback!

To make it easy on me I will do the compilation on weekends, either Saturday or Sunday and will include all pictures since the last post.

In today’s post there are not very many as I started in the middle of the week and already posted the first picture here in my previous post.

As mentioned – these are not elaborate pictures of fabulous fantasy creatures or landscapes or such, but ordinary, everyday objects, things and scenes that somehow caught my eye and said: Paint me for your challenge. So, I did.

I hope you enjoy them!

p.s. and as always – click on them to enlarge them.


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3 thoughts on “Week #1 of 1-pic-a-day-challenge”

  1. I love the one of the color palette. That’s something I recognize and see daily when Ally works on her drawing skills and fantastical creatures. She loves watercolor and I love the end results. 🙂

  2. #2 evokes memories of playing at art in school, classes I took in night school while working, and artist friends.
    #3 OMG. That isn’t half as ugly as the one on the table next to the bed in my guest room. You should see it. Gaaaaa.
    #4 made me chuckle, thanks for that.
    Future: I’ll enjoy whatever you send because it expresses you. Nonetheless, I would enjoy a drawing of a fave piece of jewelry, goblet or mug. (That gives me an idea: take a photo and write something about some of the jewelry I never wear, and in many cases never have. I haven’t discarded them yet but should.)

  3. Okay but I kinda like the lamp lol. I love this idea, taking ordinary objects and turning it into Art. Giving the everyday a dose of meaning and inspiration 🙂


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