Week #2 of every day art

The 2nd week of my 1-pic-a-day-challenge lies behind me. Being back at work threw, as usual, a wrench into my plan. Yes, already. Only week #2 and already I skipped a day or two. Good thing I planned ahead a little and have a couple of extras for exactly these times.

In a couple of these pictures I deviated from the everyday objects. Why? Just because I felt like trying out these kind of watercolor paintings. The pics I am referring to are the two ocean scenes, which David and I have had the pleasure to see every day for the past couple of weeks. It was vacation time on OBX for one week and week #2 was ‘working with a beach view’.

Maybe I’ll be sharing a photo post soon. We have had some spectacular sunrises, sunsets and clouds. Got to test the camera on my new iPhone very diligently.

But for today I hope you’ll enjoy my little paintings!

p.s. and as always – click on them to enlarge them

pps. I almost forgot – for the month of November I’ll be sharing my weekly blogpost with Leah’s Creative Every Day / Art Every Day Month here


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4 thoughts on “Week #2 of every day art”

  1. I love those beach scenes and sunsets are my favourite so I hope you are inspired to paint or sketch more! πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed the vacation and creative time. Funny that I am sitting here with music going through my own little boombox/phone connector as I catch up on email lol. The little things make for artful living


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