Week #4 of Every Day Art

Week #4 of my 1-pic-a-day-challenge has come and gone. Here is my compilation – seems like I missed a couple of days. To make up for it I added a picture that I haven’t published anywhere else yet. It is a watercolor picture with a little black ink added that I painted while on vacation. I searched Google for ‘exotic flowers’ and while this flower may remind you of a Bird of Paradise, the model was actually a ‘Balisier’ or ‘Heliconia’ flower. They are really beautiful and – exotic!

Don’t forget – for the month of November I’ll be sharing my weekly blogpost with Leah’s Creative Every Day / Art Every Day Month here, where you will find many other artists’ work. Maybe you will have a few moments to hop over there.


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3 thoughts on “Week #4 of Every Day Art”

  1. I have some Birds of Paradise – fake but they’re still so colourful with ordinary green plants. Love this. And you know how much I love your seascapes – they’d make such a lovely grouping on a wall


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