Week #5 of Every Day Art

Today has been one of those days. Let me tell you. All I wanted to do this morning before David got up was to write a quick compilation post for week #5 of my 1-pic-a-day-challenge and then continue with one of my watercolor paintings. Unfortunately I had the weird idea that it might be the right time to look at why some of my images were displaying blurred.

I started my search with a plugin that reduces the image’s file size, but that wasn’t it. I moved on to the theme, because I remembered that a while back I got a note about an available update. Right. Should be easy, updates are included in the purchase price – no problem.

Wrong again. No matter how I tried, I was not able to get the update done. Since I have had my website look the same for quite a few years, I was over it and soon I started looking at other themes. Templates that were less complicated to maintain and time consuming for me, but still stylish, maybe even nicer. I found this one, which I hope will prove to fit that bill. However, getting it to the point where you are seeing it now… that took me all day today. Yup, we had breakfast, cleaned the kitchen and I got going – now it is 6 pm and I hadn’t even had lunch. Time for dinner!

But before I go, here is the promised compilation of week #5 – well, I am actually going to switch it up a little over the next two weeks, because I have three pictures that are following a theme, I’m sure you’ll agree. Can you believe that I never painting pure watercolor faces (only mixed media)? And I do like how these turned out.

Let me know what you think about the site’s look and especially if there is something that doesn’t work or look right. Fair warning – I have not updated posts from last year and earlier yet and I’m not sure I ever will. So do expect to see some random code, broken links and no images in those posts.


p.s. Like the weeks before I’ll be sharing this blogpost with Leah’s Creative Every Day / Art Every Day Month of November here, where you will find many other artists’ work. Maybe you will have a few moments to hop over there.

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4 thoughts on “Week #5 of Every Day Art”

  1. Your faces are lovely. The eyes are so expressive. I have always had problems with painting people. As to the blurry photos, I have noticed lately that my pictures on FB all have a bit of blur. I’ve pretty much given up on trying to fix them. Since I don’t sell my work anymore, I would rather spend my time creating and just sharing. I read that you are working with new programs! Hope that they bring you joy and they give you what you need!

  2. It is a day brightener when I see your email arrive, and I am always intrigued and appreciative of the artwork and any commentary. Many days lately I’ve enjoyed the art and procrastinated on responses, with so many tasks facing me
    (Oh, yes, these roadblocks that tech and other entities set up for us valued (!) customers are frustrating and time sinks. Just today I logged on a financial website and tried to get to my accounts and got an odd message with suggestions . i tried everything but no accounts, just that stupid message. I called and was told an apparent secret: their system was down! But I learned that I needed to phone a specific department before I could take the action I wanted, so all’s well. My sister reported a less happy ending with her health plan, a crock of you know what, she said. I suggested we start a file folder titled “crocks” for entities that keep misleading or abusing us. Excuse the digression.)
    Those eyes in the paintings are quite hypnotic. Can’t think why I thought of a neighbor, and now I can’t even get an image of her eyes to come up. But the faces too are compelling, complementing the eyes. #24 to me has a faint touch of amusement; 25 is a beautiful, determined woman who knows she is entitled. Go, Claudia!

  3. I love so much how you do faces; especially the eyes… but I’m really in love with your use of colour here. Well always actually lol. And I get having one of those days – I’m having one of those months. I wanted to get back to my own blog that I had redone 2 years ago and at least use it as an online journal for myself.. but same thing: they are hard to update and maintain. Plus I kinda decided I’m not all that happy with the blog apsect of the site either. Ugh – do I even begin again.. IDK.


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