Weird Wood Formations of the Pacific North West

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2nd week of November’s Art Every Day and also in NaBloPoMo

November 13th

Day #13 of AEDM and NaBloPoMo – and no writing prompt today.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post my bff is visiting from Germany so I don’t have time to write a lot right now.

Yesterday we went to New York City. Can you believe that it has been almost a year that I went?! Wow – time flies. We had a lot of fun walking up and down the avenues and back and forth the streets. A total of 6.5 km during glorious fall weather with lots of sunshine. Unfortunately my DSLR is still being repaired, so I only took photos with my iPhone. I will share those with you in a later post.

For now, I will continue with my series of photos I took in the Pacific North West. This morning I quickly edited photos of some weird wood formations we saw along the beach. I thought they were pretty darn fascinating. Just like clouds, you could see things in them. Tell me – what do you see?Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!




If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

Photo Series of the Pacific North West

Weird Wood Formations taken with my iPhone and edited in LR and PS (the tryptich)

4 thoughts on “Weird Wood Formations of the Pacific North West”

  1. Oh my gosh – these are soooo cool! I see old man faces and fairies dancing around a ring and they almost even look like the back of a turtle shell from some angles. You really have to look at the world through different eyes, don’t ya? That’s where all the magic unfolds.


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