Weird Wood & Wonderful Webs on the beaches of the Pacific North West

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3rd week of November’s Art Every Day and also in NaBloPoMo

November 14th

Today is day #14 of AEDM and NaBloPoMo – it is Monday, but still no writing prompt today.

So, I’ll just continue with my photo series of the Pacific North West. You may have noticed by now that one of the fascinating things of the PNW coast is, at least for me, the driftwood. The region my in-laws live is at the Strait of Juan de Fuca. So, for most of the time, well, at least every time I have seen it,  it is very calm seas. Unlike the open ocean in WA and OR. Makes me wonder how all the driftwood got to the beaches so far inland.

In any case, these were some of the logs we saw:And then this one here. Doesn’t look very pretty right? But wait till you see the next photos, I put them in the gallery below. This root was covered over and over in spider webs. And because of the fog the webs were all covered in tiny water drops. They were sparkling and swaying in the light breeze, it was gorgeous.  But the wind made it a little difficult to get good photos (with my iPhone). Needless to say that David had a pretty hard time getting me away from this spot. Eventually he did, but only with a few more stops on the way.I hope you enjoyed these few beach photos (gallery below) of the PNW.




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Photo Series of the Pacific North West

Wood & Webs – taken with my iPhone and edited in LR

6 thoughts on “Weird Wood & Wonderful Webs on the beaches of the Pacific North West”

  1. I am speechless and amazed. First, the driftwood makes the area there look very prehistoric to me. But those webs!!!! My goodness, how wonderful. I am jealous. Spider webs are another favorite of mine. But you figured that, right?

  2. Compelling, especially the spider webs. I have the same photo that Bev has for her screen, but I think I might alternate with each of those web shots. Just beautiful, and I don’t have arachnophobia.

  3. No no David…. let her linger!!! LOL
    Look at those webs – gorgeous. The tiny drops along the lines, well worth the wait. I saw some driftwood on the beaches, but nothing like this. Mine was more like small branches … twigs really. ha. This spot is just beautiful.


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