Windsurfing and…

Friday and Saturday David and I spend the days windsurfing at Lakes Bay near Atlantic City New Jersey. We attended one of the fabulous ABK Boardsports windsurfing camps. Together with about 20 other students and five teachers we learnt new maneuvers and practiced old ones. I daresay all of us had a lot of fun.

But what follows the fun? Cleaning and repairing. Which among other things we did today.

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4 thoughts on “Windsurfing and…”

    • Windsurfing? That is one of your dreams? If it is that could be pretty easily remedied. Seriously, check out ABK Boardsports, they are fantastic. They are travelling the US throughout the year and the Caribbean, Bonaire. I don’t know about the other spots, but on Bonaire, knee deep and warm water!, they are exceptionally great with kids, too. Scarlett would definitely work 🙂 Thanks for the follow, you know I am already stalking – LOL

    • Yep, that is the nose of my beloved poor, poor big board. When I learnt planing a.k.a. going really fast and having fun, I had a few crashes that resulted in various bruises for me and the board. We fixed them then, but they needed a renewal 🙂


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