Going on a trip – windsurfing



I am going on a trip

Windsurfing, enjoying the ocean and friends


windsurfing, claudia, makkum

windsurfing, claudia, makkum

These two pictures were taken in 2010 back in Makkum, Holland, weekend surfing.

Here are the photos I took this weekend. Very few and all with the iPhone as I was busy – surfing. There wasn’t much wind, but that won’t keep us from learning, light wind freestyling and just generally having fun. And minor bruises and very sore muscles the next day. But guess what? Now I am looking forward even more (if that is at all possible) to our vacation at the Outer Banks, windsurfing either way. With lots of wind or little wind, it is fun.

Thank you to Andy and his team of ABK Boardsports for some fun filled time on the water.

Every day sailing is a great day of sailing!

lakes bay, windsurfing, atlantic city, new jersey, ABK

lakes bay, windsurfing, atlantic city, new jersey, ABK

lakes bay, windsurfing, atlantic city, new jersey, ABK

lakes bay, windsurfing, atlantic city, new jersey, ABK

lakes bay, windsurfing, atlantic city, new jersey, ABK

Sundown over Lakes Bay, NJ


And now for the Friday Four Fill ins ~ here is from Hilary’s blog:feelingbeachiebutton 200x200
  1. I sighed (heavily) when I realized our (very) tight schedules these current weeks.
  2. Berries are my favorite fruits
  3. Breakfast and dinner on the deck before/after a hot, sunny day  are my favorite parts of summer
  4. A glass of red wine helps me relax

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17 thoughts on “Going on a trip – windsurfing”

  1. I say, any day out of the water – is a good day!!
    Wow – the sunset. gorgeous.
    I tend to eat a lot of berries too. I am currently taking mine in a wine glass as well! HA (I am having my last bottle of summer strawberry wine)

    • Hahaha – yep, I guess most windsurfers would agree to that one, too 😀 Still, it is just good to get out there. Simple as that.
      Hey – that’s not eating berries, it is drinking them! Although I could be accused of that one, too, but more of the grape variety. You know, I never had strawberry wine…

    • And it was wonderful, Patricia. Honestly, I would not believed it if somebody had told me how warm, well, hot the weather would get this past weekend. Splashing into the water actually served the purpose of cooling off – LOL

  2. Hi Claudia!
    Watermelons hardly ever have seeds nowadays. This year’s crop was pretty sweet. So good!
    Where did you take the wind sailing lessons?? How in the world do you get back on if/when you fall off??
    🙂 m & jb

    • Yeah, but you know – I still end up with the one seed – LOL
      I take the windsurfing lessons wherever I can and feel like it. I started back in Germany, then during our sabbatical on Bonaire we really took a leap forward and this one was right here in NJ :).
      Falling off? Well, you climb on back on. Or, if it is windy enough. you waterstart = let the wind and sail pull you out of the water on to the board 🙂

  3. I love the “framed” shot. It looks like it was a wonderful day. Oh, and I sigh everyday day whennI look at our schedules. It’s never ending these days… Meetings, field trips, practice etc. Over and over again! C’ est la vie, mon amie!

    • Yeah, that shot kinda snuck up on me. I did already have lunch in the gazebo and walked by a gazillion times, but then I stood there talking to the instructor when it hit me – LOL
      It really seems to be never ending these days, doesn’t it? I mean, it is not that bad, I love to be busy, but really? All the time?

  4. The good thing about going somewhere where there is a lot of different kit to choose from is that no matter what the conditions there is a good chance you will be able to get on the water. I normally travel with my own kit. With my biggest sail being a 5.2m i regularly end up hiring kit on light wind days. Your right a day on the water is a good day spent

    cheers Barry

    • Hey Barry, we love to travel with our own kit. On all occasions above we used our own. We don’t do waves, so our kit is on the bigger side with 5.4 being our smallest sail 😉 In the end it does not matter, as long as you’re out there, doing something and hopefully having at least some fun.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a footprint.


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