Working from home – part III July to who-knows-when

So here we are almost 6 months from the day I first started working from home due to the lock down this pandemic forced us into. Does it feel to anyone else as if we’re back to from where we started? Well, almost.

Seems like almost all shops are open again, restaurants, gyms and inside entertainment too, yet at very reduced capacity. Also a lot of offices have reopened and people are driving to work again. Roads are as busy as ever – as if nothing had changed. But then you stand in front of your office building and see the sign ‘masks are mandatory in all public spaces of the building’. Just like they are in all other public places. There it is, in your face, the visible sign that we are not back, but maybe back into the future.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about wearing a face mask these days and for as log as deemed necessary , but… Le sigh – no, it is not the same as before Covid-19 hit us. Will it ever will be?

Back to my personal corner – for me a few days in July were pretty good work wise, not that crazy stress from before and I was actually really enjoying working from home. I was ‘home from work’ early without the drive home, I could spend mornings on the balcony instead of getting dressed for work. And all of that together meant that I got back some of my creative juices. Spoiler – not for long though.

Work levels picked up and on Tuesday August 4 tropical storm Isaias hit NJ. ‘Only’ a tropical storm, but the devastation it caused here was massive – 1.4 million homes and businesses without power. Our office building was among the last ones to get power back. Our servers located in said office only come back online early Monday morning. Almost a full week later. Can you imagine working without any of your files, without access to your work email?! Then imagine the backlog that week created on top of your normal work… welcome to my August.

I am sure this will pass too, just got to hang in there and remember the little things that make you smile. For example – I got a new desk for my CC corner – yay! I got it on Etsy from Thomas Underwood and couldn’t be happier. He made the desktop and David fitted it with a sit/ stand up DIY kit from Autonomous. Isn’t it a beauty?

And just like that we are in September. Today is Labor Day in the US a public holiday said to be the last day of Summer. But it is so beautiful outside, warm – sun – no humidity, and it is only 8 am that I am writing this, that I will stop it here for today and enjoy some fresh air – on the balcony. And I fully expect to meet a couple of visitors like the one in the photos :).

4 thoughts on “Working from home – part III July to who-knows-when”

  1. Love the desk, I have heard such great things about the Autonomous! Would you believe it is snowing here today as I type this in the Denver area. CRAZY weather…

  2. Love the desk … the wood is beautiful. I’d love to have my own desk space at home, what a dream that would be. We are back to our new normal for sure – the kids are back in school this week and I have mixed feelings. Back to a routine is good, but yes it is so very different. I feel for them wearing a mask all day, five days a week, but of course you do what is needed. Our new kitty is very much enjoying the squirrels running around our back deck. She just needs to remember the science of GLASS! lol


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