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Autumn Leaves WW

Autumn Leaves WW

#51 / 2015 – Autumn leaves Wordless Wednesday

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autumn leaves fall

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I hope that over time we will be building a community dedicated to art and creating. I rather like these words said by Andy Warhol:


Don’t think about making art, just get it done.

Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. 

While they are deciding, make even more art.” 

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  • Rorybore

    WOW!! I love it!! Spectacular shot! This is exactly how it looks like up here still. With no sn*w yet, it still looks like the last days of Autumn. Which, I suppose technically it is until December 21st. But it’s even fairly warm still – I didn’t even wear a coat to the bus stop; just a sweater. The poor geese just keep flying back and forth from the river to the field nearby where they nest. Fools don’t know enough to head South yet. ha.

    • Claudia

      Thanks for not spelling out THAT word – hahaha. Weather right now it totally weird. It just feels weird. I mean, I don’t mind as, you know, I don’t like winter, but still it is weird. I feel for the geese.

  • stevebethere

    Beautiful shot 🙂

  • Debbi Decker

    Great shot! We have really thick fog today. Sad that I did not call in “sick” at work to go play and take photographs.

    • Claudia

      Oh, fog would have been awesome. I actually saw the mist rising from our local river the other morning when I drove to work. That would have been awesome to shoot.

  • McGuffy's Reader

    I am linked up! Your photos are truly beautiful. They illustrate what I love about Autumn.

  • Susi

    That’s a great, peaceful shot. The sun’s rays and the reflection in the water – awesome.

    • Claudia

      Yep, sunrays and reflection, that’s why I wanted the shot, but I needed something in the foreground, hence the leaves.

  • Create With Joy

    Gorgeous shots Claudia!

    Hope you are having a wonderful month! Have missed you on Saturdays – hope to have the time to join you again soon! 🙂

    • Claudia

      You are one busy bee are you, Ramona? Well, my sARTurday is not going anywhere, it will be right here 🙂 I hope you can relax a little.

  • Tamara

    It is still Autumn, isn’t it! I tend to forget that because the world starts to look winter-ized. Not here, though! Not glorious here.

    • Claudia

      Good question. I honestly don’t know for certain, but I think you are right and winter only starts in a few. Or maybe it will stay away this year? It was funny going bike riding today in Kittattinny, because the trees were all bare of leaves and stalking into the sky, but it was warm. Seriously warm. I am not complaining about it though.

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