WIP (#1) from sketch to finished manga drawing

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Great to have you pop over. This month I participate in Art Every Day Month and also in NaBloPoMo – wish me luck!

November 2nd

In the sign up post for NaBloPoMo there are quite a few links referring to the creation of the event. Those are interesting. But the links that I really liked are these two.



As you all know I am by no means a writer. However, when I looked at these two sites, especially the first one, and saw the picture, the words and the ‘assignment’, I thought – whoa – these really could be the starting point of a wonderful story. It might, of course, have to do with the facts that I am a visual artist, English is not my mother tongue and these prompts are meant for 9th graders :). But, have a look for yourself. Here is an example (NOT my picture!):


NaBloPoMo’s writing prompt for today is: When was the last time you did something brave? What happened? My answer to that would have to be: I have got not clue. Honestly, I don’t know when I did something brave. Define ‘brave’ for me, o.k. so I looked it up:

 1. ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.

‘Danger or pain’, hmm, I have not been in danger, not really, unless you count driving in New York City. As for pain, well, there are instances of hefty migraines, but again – that’s nothing too unusual. Of course, there was last year’s episode when I broke my foot and tore my tendons (or was it ligaments? I always mix those up) while windsurfing on Bonaire. That most definitely was painful in a very physical sense when it happened.

Later that progressed into more ‘mental’ pain. While the bones were healing and the tendons mending I had lost my mobility.

I had never lost my ability to move about which ever way I wanted before. In fact I have always been very active. Hence it is no wonder, I broke my hand (horse back riding) and my arm, twice (1) just fooling around 2) inline skating), but in those cases I could still move. With a foot in a cast and later in a boot and crutches – not much moving or driving my car. I had to completely rely on other people. Family, friends and Uber picked me up at home to drive me to physical therapy and work.

Not being able to everything myself, to depend on others was a steep learning curve.

Oh, and if you like to read more details and see more photos of where the accident actually happened, you will find that here and here some more (incl. the cast…).

Now to something creative. Since I shared a photo edit yesterday, I thought to mix it up and post a drawing as a work in progress today. As I mentioned I have been working on drawing manga style since I picked up the pencils again a few months back after, uh, decades of not drawing. I am definitely making progress, but some of it e.g. proportions sometimes look a bit bizarre. To me. It is not easy to get proportions right in reality drawing, but then to change them into exaggerated comic style? I’ll keep working on it.

Happy humpday!




If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

WIP – 1) The beginning, the sketch: manga drawing style

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8 thoughts on “WIP (#1) from sketch to finished manga drawing”

  1. I think some would consider windsurfing a little bit of a dangerous activity, and therefore consider your brave! Or, staying at your holiday destination even though a storm is brewing – AND you filmed it for us. HA. I think any one of us who are willing to put our real, authentic selves on display in a manner that could invite critique? That’s BRAVE!!! Love the drawing. The little mushroom house OMG!!!

  2. I love the manga drawing. I think you are quite brave, especially when you told us your native tongue is not English, yet you write so much better than many college freshmen whose papers I had to grade when I was a teaching assistant getting my advanced degree.

    Keep up the drawing, keep up the photos, and keep up writing. I love it ALL!!!!

  3. I agree with Les. Of course, there are those who would say it’s more stupid than brave to stay put during a hurricane but since you were not under mandatory evacuation orders it can be considered brave! 😉
    I love your manga drawings. I really do. There’s just something about them that usually make me smile.


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