Autumn colors our lives

One of the (few) things I love about autumn? It brings color into our lives – autumn colors just seem to pop. Have a look at these – rather quickly or not at all edited – photos. I may have to come back to these, I took quite a few photos over the past couple of months, but – no time to edit. I need some quiet times to do that and for some reason those are rare right now. But, I’ll stay positive, because I know they’ll be back.

~ sunrises~


~ autumn colors~

autumn, fall, colors

~ leaves~

autumn, leaves, colors

~ reflections ~

autumn, reflections

~ sunset~

autumn, sunset, reflection


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14 thoughts on “Autumn colors our lives”

  1. Fall, and your camera skills, are polished enough to not need editing after all.
    Totally gorgeous. It’s still pretty and now we have some wet snow to add to it too.

    • That is very kind of you to say, Tamara. I just wish I would have or take more time to edit. I really enjoy that part of photography, too.
      Thankfully we did not get any snow here, might be different in Denville though 😉

  2. Living as I do near the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah Valley, fall has always been a beautiful time of year for me. We used to drive the mountains to see the leaves. I love your leaf on the rock. Very vibrant!


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