Vacation – on the road

Over the bridge, through the tunnel

crossing the border, escaping the storm.

Not soon enough we will enjoy

– vacation time again. Crossing my fingers!

Del Mem bridge

tunnel, lines

Virginia, bridge, tunnel

storm, clouds

sunrise, waves

Not all of these photos were taken recently. Some are ‘older’ ones from our various trips to the Outer Banks.


adriennefeelingbeachiebutton 200x200


And now for the Friday Four Fill ins ~ here is from Hilary’s blog:
  1. I just cannot stop blogging.
  2. Time is quite a problem, but not too much to make me quit.
  3. If I could, I would work 50 % in my day job and 50 % in my photography business.
  4. David makes me happy. And vacations, with him 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Vacation – on the road”

  1. Vacation time is always a good time.
    I can’t stop blogging either! I’m on year five and I love it.
    I’ll be in your parts this weekend but it looks like you won’t?? I’ll be in Cedar Knolls.

    • Cedar Knolls??!!! That is, that’s – HERE! I’m home, these pics are old(er), actually I’m about to go to Morristown, a little shopping. When will you be here? Do you have any time? Maybe I can be you photo shoot assistant 🙂

      • Oh, how I wish! So the loose plan is to stay overnight tonight in Blairstown and then drive to the church in Cedar Knolls for the Baptism for my niece, and then go to my brother’s house in Denville.
        That plan may change because Des got a wicked cold today so we may day trip it tomorrow. Six hours of driving in one day! Ugh. It’s split up, though.

        • It would be awesome to meet, even if it is ‘only’ for a coffee and not to hold the reflector for you 😉 But from what I just read on FB the only chance would early morning tomorrow and that is not going to happen. Our best man at the wedding is visiting from Austria, but only tonight, so we will probably stay up very, very late and one or the other drink will also be drunk = all in all not good for getting up early the next day 😀

  2. I’d love to be able to work a little less at school and do a little more blogging and photography the rest of the time.
    I’m kinda excited. One of the coaches at school loves my photos and wants me to take her basketball team shots – group and individuals. I’m nervous and excited! And our good friends want me to do a photo session with them next time we are in Orlando. It feels very surreal that people love my photography enough to want me to take their pictures.


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