Berries Pie Recipe

‘Tis the season of the berries. All hail berries! Can you tell, I love berries. The more and mixed the better. Right now we are in the middle, well, arguably for some maybe at the end of the season. Of course, always depending on where you live. In any case, since there has been some berries’ talk around here lately, I thought I would post this quick berries pie recipe today.

But first this post is part of the Sisterhood Stories Blogcircle. So once you have read my recipe below hop on over to Kay’s story and photos at Kay Maguire Photography.


I made this pie a little while ago, when I had a lot of berries in my fridge. Too many berries to put in one of my green smoothies. So, what do you do with them, apart from eating ‘as is’? Make a mixed berries pie.

As usual I looked at a few recipes and then mixed them. Therefore you will not find many quantities in this post – sorry. Except for the pie dough. That is tried and trusted and very, very complicated.

Pie Crust:

125 g cold butter

250 g all purpose flower

some (ice)cold water

a pinch each of sugar and salt

And that’s my pie crust recipe that I am always using. Well, usually, because in this very case I did not have enough all purpose flour and used a little corn flour, hence the funky color you might have wondered about in the photo above. But, while I love cornbread, I would not recommend using corn flour in a pie crust. It was just not very crusty. Which didn’t do the overall taste any or much harm, but still, I thought I’d mention it to you.

Pie Filling:

Berries, lots of berries: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, which ever you like

Marinate them if you like with Grand Marnier – it tastes good!

And while they are marinating in one bowl combine in another one:

Brown sugar

Chopped walnuts (or pecans)

Butter, melted

Egg (beaten – or eggbeater)

Grand Marnier or Cognac/Brandy – if you like



Roll the pie crust dough flat and put it in a pie form. Then combine the contents of both bowls, mix it carefully in order not to smush all berries and fill it into the raw, non-baked pie crust.


Et voila – I had a little too much of everything, so I filled some extra square muffin forms with dough and filling, too.

And as you can see by the end result (photo at the top), my filling was a little fluid, so it spilled over the form. On to the very hot oven base. Resulting in some major burning and even more smoking. So much that the alarm went off and we had to vent our house for a little while. All of which did not do the pie itself any harm. It tasted very yummy, disappeared in no time and I will make it again. Only – when I do, I will put a drip pan underneath it – just in case. That darn smoke alarm is way too deafening 😉

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  1. Sounds yummy! I love most berries too, they remind me of summer in Germany and how I used to steal them from my grandma’s berry bushes when she wasn’t looking. 🙂


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