German beer & wine?


adrienneWelcometotheweekendfeelingbeachiebutton 200x200No closer! he said, hand raised

Or you will bump into these.

You do NOT want to waste

good German beer and wine spritzer!

German beer & wine


And now for the Friday Four Fill ins ~ here is from Hilary’s blog:


  1. I find a quiet house very soothing and productive – at times.
  2. My favorite photo is the one I am taking tomorrow. Quote by: Imogen Cunningham
  3. Why do I always change my website’s design? Well, obviously because there is some teensy-weensy little thing that I cannot fix on the old one…duh!
  4. My favorite time of the day is the morning because it is quiet, I am productive.

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16 thoughts on “German beer & wine?”

    • Oh, no, no, no, most definitely you are not alone with the tweaking part. I really wished I could give it a rest, but, guess what – I already found another little thing that bothers me – sigh – perfectionists…

  1. Bona fide night owl here. but that’s when it’s quiet for me, and I can get the most done. Day time is go go go. don’t touch that. stop hitting your sister. No! don’t sit on your brothers’ head! Oye.
    Yes, I will take one of each – beer and wine – too please! LOL

    • The very reason I like the morning. Not that I do not love and want to be around David, but… 🙂
      The guy in the pic is actually not hubby, but a colleague of mine who I met while on my biz trip in Berlin not so long ago (sorry, for being a little mis-leading…). I snapped this pic while we were in a beer garden after work. And I am not even sure he has seen this picture yet, but I am sure he loves the band. Or should I say the woman who is ‘at the other end of it’? 🙂


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