Can you shoot ice crystals with your iPhone?

Welcome to my s~A(R)T~urday linky party – today: ice crystals

“The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art.”
~ Junot Diaz ~

I really, really need to listen to Junot Diaz’ quote, which is why I chose to utilize it for one more week. Wow – what a week it was. I feel the very overwhelming need to slow down and to start creating, because I know that it helps me focus and enjoy life by being balanced.

Last week was anything but balanced. I haven’t sat in my painting area even once. Photoshop? Only to put together my Wednesday post. And the worst thing, I am not sure if I will find the focus to start creating something today. But I will sure try and start. Because you know what Pablo Picasso said:

[Tweet ““Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Pablo Picasso #art #quote”]

So, with that sentiment in mind I will sit my butt down and start working. But later, because now, I want to finish this post. I hope you’ll forgive me that it is a short one.

On Wednesday I showed you the photo-journalistic photos of last weekend’s snow storm. And I thought that today it was time for a bit more artsy photos. However, all of these are straight out of the camera(s) and not edited in Photoshop.

First off two photos I took with my iPhone in the middle of the night:
ice crystals iphone

ice crystals iphone

And then a few that I took with my DSLR during the snow storm:

ice crystals DSLR bokeh ice crystals DSLR bokeh ice crystals DSLR bokeh  ice crystals DSLR

And then this last one, also a shot with my DSLR, I did a tiny bit of editing, a split-toning in Lightroom:

ice crystals DSLR split tone LR

Did you find a favorite?

And what is your answer to the initial question?

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While they are deciding, make even more art.” 

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28 thoughts on “Can you shoot ice crystals with your iPhone?”

  1. You have had way more success getting pictures of ice crystals than I ever have. I can never seem to be able to capture the details in a photo. I will keep trying though. I love the middle section of photos of the trees. The one on the far right is my favorite. Almost like a christmas tree in fog. 🙂

  2. Wow, will have to try that with my phone cam next time I see frost or snow…My favorite photos are the three displayed together in the middle 🙂

  3. eiskristalle habe ich leider nicht zu bieten, bin froh, dass mir warm ist und ich in meinem warmen zimmer sitze….
    habe auf meine “kunstseite” was für dich eingestellt. Für DDDDich natürlich gross.
    meine tochter ist nächste Woche in New York. Auch Sie hätte nie gedacht, dass sie mal dort hinkommt.
    Die Berufe der jungen Menschen bringen allerhand mit sich.
    Herzlich Pippa

    • Ja, ich bin auch extrem froh im warmen zu sein. Sag ich jedes Mal wieder wenn es draussen frostet.

      Gut für Deine Tochter, daß sie herum kommt. Ich war auch mit meinem Beruf in der Welt u.a. Australien unterwegs – damals, als ich noch jung war – hahaha – ich hoffe es gefällt ihr in NYC!

  4. These are great shots.I don’t think they need editing at all. Somehow looking at snow crystals on the windows i feel trapped. I guess i am really not on good terms with winter, snow and ice. I liked the dreamy scene with the trees and mist (or a snow storm?) best. Pastel yellows, purples and grey go well together.

  5. These are amazing captures. Awesome. I don’t know how you do it, but I enjoy your artwork. You see much more than the average person, but you share it, too. Thanks for that! Even when I see something, capturing is where I lose it.

  6. Claudia, I love how the light refracts in your photos. It’s sorta like shooting through fog. Your first image is perhaps my favorite, but you have some other good ones to choose from here. It would be totally fun to take photos during a snow storm at least once in my life. We didn’t get much this last go around, so I didn’t even attempt to go outdoors to take pictures. I just felt it would be waste of time plus I’d freeze my toes and fingers off. lol I’m such a big baby! Anywho, I really enjoyed your artsy collection!

    • Some would call the first picture an epic fail, others a happy accident, I am glad I got it. It is not always easy to trick the (automatic) phone camera in focusing on – the ‘wrong’ thing :D. You know that I don’t like winter, but when snow, ice and beauty hits, I got to take photos.

  7. I can shoot ice crystals with my cell phone, but I don’t get a beautiful bokeh like you did. What is your secret? All of your pictures are gorgeous. It would be hard to pick a favorite, but if you insist … The last one shows the little individual crystals that make up the snow clinging to the window for dear life. That one touches me the most, though I also like you series of three with the lights and tree behind the window. I can find something i like in all of them so that is as close to choosing as I can get. Like you, I need to slow down, but this week I am busy trying to get ready for my trip to Thialand. I have to get myself ready and my family in a position to survive without me here … including all of the animals. So relaxation is not in the cards for me any time soon … maybe as I bask on a beach in Phuket 🙂 Hope you follow the art and enjoy a slower more creative week, Claudia …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    • Secret? No real secret, Andrea, just keep on trying in tricking the auto-focus of the iphone in a way so you get the bokeh in the light. I guess it is practice. So, keep on practicing. Thank you for picking a favorite, I know it is not easy. I hope that you get to slow down, but I am sure you will for your vacation. I have to admit that I am failing at it and it is only Monday… but I’ll keep on trying. Have a great vacation!!

  8. It’a hard to pick a favorite when they all look awesome. I do like the first one, and the one three middle ones with the bokeh effects. I’m a big sucker for bokeh. 🙂

  9. The blurred images of the iPhone are quite arty but I think it came out well because you know what you are doing. I find it quite hard to get anything detailed/macro with an iPhone.

  10. I love how the ice and snow look! It’s like crackle paint overlay or something. Very cool. I am going to include my photo edits in the one good thing post…. because I had a crazy busy Saturday of training and Girl Guides stuff, and the chance to sit down and create after was truly the One good thing about the day. Plus, they are fun snow shots too!

    • Exactly! Overlay – I was going to do some textures, edits with some of them. And eventually I am sure I will. It is good to appreciate those moments. I am actually having some of those now, when I don’t really ‘have time’ to answer comments, but I want to and I chose to do it anyway 🙂


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