Fall Leaves – a Photoshop grunge edit

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Great to have you pop over. This month I participate in Art Every Day Month and also in NaBloPoMo – wish me luck!

November 3rd

Day #3 of AEDM and NaBloPoMo – their writing prompt for today is: If you could be completely honest with no regrets, what would you say and to whom? Hm, I have a feeling I may skip this one. First, most of the time I do say what I want and second, if I don’t then there is a reason for it and that reason is not for the public as otherwise I would have said it directly. Does that make sense?

So, on to the other two writing prompt sites. Daily Prompts still has yesterday’s on there: Bludgeon – I don’t even know what that is?! I looked it up and decided it is too early for that kind of thing. You know, I think it just may be too early for me today.

What to do? When in doubt, resort to visual art.

I decided to do a quicky digital edit of one of my fall leaves iPhone photos from Sunday in the arboretum. The below picture took me exactly 32 minutes to create. That could actually be a challenge for the future. Because, instead of pondering too long and browsing through the thousands and thousands of files I have to work with I limited myself . Time as I have to go to work in a moment, but I am constrained because David and I swapped computers and none of the files have been migrated yet, nor my settings for Photoshop or Lightroom.

So, below picture is what I did for today. Nothing fancy, in fact I wanted the leaves to pop, but now I actually don’t like it too much. Had I more time I would play with it further, maybe add a slight texture over them to mute them down ever so lightly. Well, there’ll be time to play more later or on the weekend.




If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

Fall Leaves

Taken with my iPhone. Edited in Photoshop.

fall, leaves, grunge, photoshop


5 thoughts on “Fall Leaves – a Photoshop grunge edit”

  1. Your leaves are really beautiful. I think you did a lovely job. I have had a full blown version of PS since 2000, and the only thing I can do is crop and watermark my photos. I still don’t know how to make brushes, but I simply adore your use of them.

  2. I think you be fancy my friend!! I love the ‘pop’ of the leaves. Those colours – glorious! Like Susi said above – the natural tone is retained and it’s a great contrast to the other edits; it all blends nicely.
    You know I am going to Google “bludgeon” now. ha.


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