Maple fall colors photo session

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Great to have you pop over. This month I participate in Art Every Day Month and also in NaBloPoMo – wish me luck!

November 4th

Day #4 of AEDM and NaBloPoMo – their writing prompt for today is: Which fall shows should totally be canceled already? Well, so here goes another prompt that I cannot use – we don’t have a tv, so I don’t have a clue what fall shows are on. Don’t get me wrong we do watch tv shows, series, but on our terms i.e. we stream them with Netflix later. I never watched any talkshows or sports, so tv really would be a waste of money and time.

Daily writing prompts suggests ‘sincere’ – a much better alternative, yet – I am running late for work!

And that means on this here blog of mine: It is photo time! Actually, that is a problem, too, because David and I switched computers (don’t ask why, that may be a whole story in itself). While I have my beloved Photoshop and Lightroom back, I am still missing  my photos – arrrgh – they are still on a harddrive in my old computer. I am set to migrate it tomorrow, so until then I will have to live with iPhone photos living dropbox.

So, here goes another fall session from last weekend. Hope you’re not sick yet of pretty fall colors. Trust me, there won’t be much more. It has been a bit windy yesterday. When I was sitting at a red light it was actually raining leaves. So pretty, and so sad.

Anyway, it is Friday – so happy TGIF!




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More maple fall colors

Taken with my iPhone. Edited in Lightroom.

maple, fall, colors
maple, fall, colors

This is the same gorgeous maple tree. Notice how your perception of the tree changes by shifting the angle


12 thoughts on “Maple fall colors photo session”

  1. Gorgeous tree. The reds are glorious! I do not watch tv except for 1 show and the news. Ima news junkie. I also stream one show on my laptop on Friday nights. I am heading in the direction that you are as far as paying for tv. Once I move I will not pay for cable. I will only have internet. I would cancel now except it is part of our monthly HOA dues/contract and therefore really not able to cancel.

  2. Thank you for always sharing your beauty with us. I love it, even when I don’t have time to comment. (I read on my phone, sometimes.)
    I am going to try to get back with something tomorrow for sARTurday. I need to make that a routine, again. I miss it! Peace.

  3. I would never grow weary of pretty Fall colours!!! 🙂
    I love the ring of lighter colour leaves along the one side bottom of that tree — I wonder what causes the difference in leaf colour?
    In fact, I had planned to get out with my camera today to capture the final stage, but one sick child up all night and now home from school messed those plans up. So it’s a Netflix and cuddles day instead.

  4. I’m having trouble getting here. I had to reboot just to leave you a comment. My computer is in need of a good talking to.

    I don’t watch sports, talk shows, or reality tv, which is about all I see on ttve lately. So, you are wise not to have one.

    I adore the leaves and the tree. I would never get tired of this beautiful color, since we don’t get these lovely colors where I live. And I was amazed at the difference in the two photos, too.

  5. Hi Claudia, lovely photos and I don’t think it’s even possible to get sick of autumn colors is it? It should actually be illegal! I only watch Netflix too. I can’t remember the last time I watched regular TV… Hope your photo migration goes to plan.


  6. Lovely! I’m often impressed by the quality of photos from cell phones. My phone takes great photos! But I still love the versatility of a DSLR. Keep catching those colours as long as they’re there! (Ours are mainly fallen now, I’m in Ontario, Canada!)

    • Thanks for the visit, Jessica. I totally agree, I wouldn’t give up my real camera, but unfortunately I had to send it to the doctor as it broke during our recent vacation. So for now it is iPhone only 🙂


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