Falling for the iPhone 6




I hesitated, stumbled, then I fell

went over to the dark side

completely, for I have (pre)ordered it

Still no clue? The iPhone 6!


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(of course, this is NOT the new iPhone 6 – yet)


And now for the Friday Four Fill ins ~ here is from Hilary’s blog:feelingbeachiebutton 200x200
  1. I am a perfectionist and a dreamer – does that contradict itself?
  2. I don’t like to go out to dinner alone. I do it e.g. on a biz trip, but…
  3. Would you re-wind your life if you could?
  4. Cooking with friends is something to be loved. 

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30 thoughts on “Falling for the iPhone 6”

  1. NGL – if someone offered me the iPhone6, I’d take it in a heartbeat. I am not even ashamed anymore.
    but there are practical reasons too – I find apps like Twitter and Instagram eventually start to perform badly if you don’t have the latest version. And since I still have the iPhone4s — I am anticipating some problems soon.

    I think you can totally be both a perfectionist and a dreamer. Actually, I am willing to bet it is the perfectionist who most often makes their dreams come true. This is why being a slacker, like me, is not good. LOL

    • NGL – I had to look up that one – LOL – shows you how ‘good’ I am…
      Why should you be ashamed, Les, phew – no need to. Just like I don’t care (anymore) what people think when I by the newest and shiniest electronic toys or such. It is me. I can. And I do. If I feel like it. It is my life and I am trying to enjoy it!
      Really?! They don’t play nice anymore on the 4s? That sucks! I mean the 4s isn’t that old and the apps should really be downward compatible.
      Thanks for the supporting the dreaming perfectionist. Or the perfect dreamer. LOL

    • No, no, no, no, no camping just to get a toy. No way! I even decided not to stay during lunch break, because it would have taken too long. Nope, that is not me. And seriously this was the first time ever! 🙂

  2. No I’Phone’s for this puppy. I just use mine to make phone calls. – I bet though you will have fun with yours. (Maybe someday I’ll change my mind).
    Not to many enjoy eating alone. I don’t mind it at home by myself.
    Rewinding one’s life…well I probably would do a few things different given the chance but then again nothing in life happens without a reason so I guess I’d leave it just the way it is.

    • That’s fair enough, Ida. Whatever works for you. I for sure would not want to miss my smartphone. It truly is a love and a curse, I guess, but mostly love. Although I am almost certain an android, even the new Blackberry Z30 (my work phone) would be fine. But I kinda got used to my iPhone and bought all the apps. And the camera is mighty fine, too 🙂
      Eating alone at home is fine, no problem, but out in a restaurant – not if I can help it.
      Honestly, I would not rewind my life either, well, not much anyhow.

  3. I got one today, which surprised me, because I don’t stand in line for ANYTHING! I just called on a fluke and our local store still had them in at 6:00pm. So I popped over and got one.

    • Ha, you know what, Tamara? That was almost exactly the time that I got mine, too 🙂 I went during lunch break, which – quite obviously – was bad timing, so I didn’t stay. But I went back after work and only had two people waiting in front of me. And, seriously, I didn’t even wait 5 minutes, just enough time to do a facebook check in – LOL. And now, I got home so late, I haven’t even taken the first picture yet 🙁 Did you get the 6 or the 6plus?


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