My first iPhone6 photo


Of course, today’s sunrise taken with my iPhone 6 after yesterday’s sunset was a total washout.

As for the iPhone 6 camera – it did not disappoint and the focus seems to be faster. Further testing is required.

Monochrome detail

Focus on tiny details? Check!

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10 thoughts on “My first iPhone6 photo”

  1. since I am still working with the camera of the 4s — these are amazing to me! Oh my gosh… so jelly!! you have to let me live vicariously through you – so take lots of shots and let me know what I am missing! 🙂

  2. I put one of my first photos up on Facebook today and got to see how it looks on the big monitor rather than just the tiny phone screen.
    It’s so much better!
    I never had the 5. I had the 4S so this is a huge jump.

    • I bet it does! I think they look pretty good here, as well. The 5 was my first iPhone. And in all honesty, I would not have needed to go for the 6. Photos and everything on the 5 were fine. To be even more honest, buying the 6 was a bit of a ‘comfort buy’ getting something new and shiny (I am not into buying shoes or bags or that stuff – LOL) 😉


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