Hanover Township Day & Photo Contest

A couple of months ago I announced that I would participate in a local photo contest. Hanover Township New Jersey was looking for  photos from around town taken by anyone between 2012 and today. As you can imagine, I have lots of photos from our town and so it was more a question of sieving through hundreds, maybe thousands of photos from Hanover Township. In the end my private adviser, aka David, and I decided to submit these three photos:


Fall @ Whippany River

St. Mary's Church, Whippany

There was a public, blind online voting system over the course of the last month and guess what? I won! Woohoo! The last photo, a dramatic, cloudy sundown over St. Mary’s, Our Lady of Mercy, church got the most votes. Thank you very much to all of you that voted, I could not be happier. Not only do I live in a wonderful neighborhood, but apparently there are a lot of folks out there that like my photography. What could be better?!

I got the awesome news earlier this week, but was asked to keep it to myself for the time being. The township wanted the winner announcement to be part of our Hanover Township Day, which was held last Saturday. Coincidentally this was also our sixth anniversary; talk about perfect timing. Anyway, after it was certain that the festivities were not to be postponed by the threatening thunderstorms, David and I had our usual weekend breakfast, went shopping and right after drove to Malapardis Park. We had a quick look around listening to the Whippany Park Marching Band before the time came that I had to meet Denise Brennan, our township’s recreational superintendent, at the stage at 1:20 pm. At 1:30 pm the winner = me 🙂 was announced and given the grand prize (a $150 Visa gift card) by Hanover’s mayor Ronald F. Francioli. The mayor also held a brief speech afterward. So, for once, David had the camera and took a few photos of me on stage with the mayor and other officials. All very ‘unofficially’ dressed, because it was unbelievably hot and humid, most especially for September. But, you know me, I love summer, and will not whine about it.

Here are the photos David took, plus a few that I took while we wandered the grounds after the ceremony. Lots of local, and a few larger companies were presenting their businesses. There was the band, sports demonstrations, games, police and the fire department and, of course, food, drinks and – ice cream! We enjoyed very much being part of this, of our community and are hoping for another Hanover Township Day in 2015. Enjoy the photos!

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! I am so happy for you!! This is amazing and so wonderful… I seriously yelled “Whoo hoot!” and scared the hubby. LOL
    Congrats… and it’s a gorgeous picture. most certainly the best and I don’t even have to see the others. 😉


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