Week #3 Of Every Day Art

I’m late for my own 3rd week of my 1-pic-a-day-challenge – oh no!! So, here it is without big intro, nothing spectacular happened anyway last week. Work – you know, I’m happy I was able to make time for art.

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Stars, ocean and clouds

Week #2 of every day art

The 2nd week of my 1-pic-a-day-challenge lies behind me. Being back at work threw, as usual, a wrench into my plan. Yes, already. Only week #2 and already I skipped a day or two. Good thing I planned ahead a little and have a couple of extras for exactly these times.

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The World’s Ugliest Lamp

Week #1 of 1-pic-a-day-challenge

I completely agree with your suggestion to have something like a weekly digest of my daily 1-pic-a-day-challenge pictures here on my blog. That way I will keep everyone who is not on Facebook or Instagram in the loop without overloading (already overloaded) email inboxes

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Watercolor flower

Picture #1

Like all artists I want to create, but sometimes struggle with the right inspiration on what to actually draw or paint or illustrate. At times so much so that I hate myself for not ‘just drawing something’. Then I feel even worse, of course, about myself.

In an effort to break this somewhat self-destructive cycle…

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Inktober 2018 – (a short) week #2

Believe it or not, as much (or little) as I have inked over the years, there are two things I’ve never tried.

I have never used black ink to create a diluted, watercolor effect. Let’s call it a water non-color.

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