Let the sunshine in

Okay, it has been a a few weeks that I have joined my favorite weekday memes with a post. But as I am making progress to ‘normal life’, I thought I would do so today. With a very brief message: Let the sunshine in. Yep, that’s about it. Leslie wanted us to post flower pictures, well, here you go – all iPhone / Instagram shots. Even though I am definitely not the one with a green thumb in our family and we do not have a garden, I am the one taking lots of flower photos. And all of these have one, well, actually two things in common – flowers and…. sunshine!

Which reminded me of an all time favorite movie, show (I wish I had seen this one on Broadway) – Hair and it’s two part theme song Aquarius / Let the sunshine in – my bridge to Kathy’s songography today. And if you want to hear the song, just youtube it or scroll down (the song starts at about 1:41 min).

Pssst – click on the pictures to see them bigger…




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30 thoughts on “Let the sunshine in”

  1. Hair! What a great play! Never got to see it either but I had the sound track for many years. I love that song too! That dandelion is really sweet. Love the effects!

  2. That one shot with all the trees in bloom…. I WANT those trees!! gorgeous. My own huge pine tree is dropping tons of keys all over the lawn and my garden and have to go clean most of them out. or I will have mini trees growing in my garden. gggrrrr.
    I want blossoming trees – not leaves I have to rake up in Fall. ha.

    Sunshine and Blooms – perfect day.

    • No, no, no, no, Les – that is exactly ONE tree. It is an enormously wide spread tree for such a small trunk. It is amazing, especially when in full bloom like this. I seriously wonder why it doesn’t topple over.
      Well, I hate to break it to you, but blooming trees have leaves, too, and a whole ton of petals 😀

  3. The sunshine finally came out today.. but after the rain. Total rainbow of course!
    I borrowed (stole) a macro lens from a friend during the winter and it occurred to me to have fun with it in the garden this week. Flowers and strawberries and bugs. It made me think of you because I was trying to channel what you would do with those flowers.

    • Now I cannot wait to see your macro shots. I bet they’ll be amazing. And if I may have a request please? No more photos of oh so delicious, sweet and juicy looking home grown strawberries… 😀

  4. How telling is it that I remember this song from when it came out – I was too young to appreciate the story line, but loved the melody. Love the flowers.

  5. Flash from the last, with this song! Perfect choice for these photos. So glad you are back and joined in at Song-ography! Love the clarity of that dandelion popping out from the blurred background.

  6. Beautiful! I could seriously photograph flowers and blossoms every single day. Love it!!! And I love that song too. Hope you are having a great week.

    • Yeah, if we were to go to a botanical garden together we probably would not get very far. Definitely not fast, with all the stopping to take photos of blooms – LOL
      Thanks, my week is definitely an improvement to last week 🙂


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