Manga girl portrait from pencil to color

  Welcome to my s~A(R)T~urday linky party – today:  Manga girl portrait

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

~ Andy Warhol ~

emember I said last Saturday that I wanted to post more photos again? Well, it turns out that – I won’t.

But I really, really  want to do some photo art again. You know layering photos and compositing an image from multiple sources in Photoshop. But I am very torn, because I know how long it takes to make a professional composite. Unlike running a photo through a couple of apps. And since my time for these kind of projects is still quite scarce, I asked hubby for his input. And here is what he said…

‘Stick with your drawings for the time being. You have gotten so good in such a short amount of time, but if you stop now, all your progress will be lost.’

Well, and I think for once (:)) I will do as he recommends. Noooo, not true – I do that a lot of times. But it is really hard in this case, because I really love all of it, photos, Photoshop, drawing both on paper and digitally – sigh.

In any case, what I am trying to tell you is that while my long time followers are used to photo posts on my blog, most likely you will be seeing many more drawings. At least in the near future. I hope you’re o.k. with that and you’ll stick around. I will probably be posting more photos on my Instagram and on Facebook pages. So if you’re missing my photos, you might want to follow me there.

Today’s drawings are again Manga (honestly my favorite style at the moment, so be prepared…). They are anything but perfect (e.g. she could definitely use some more hair on the top of her head), yet I wanted to show you what I am working on. Which is: I am drawing one character and then I am attempting to draw the very same character, but in a different pose. I have done a few more this past week, but this here was my very first one.

I started it in pencil in my sketchbook with the intention to color it with gel pens later. However, my iPad was very tempting. So, I imported the drawings into Procreate and applied ink and color layers on my iPad. But, of course, that wasn’t enough. I just had to try out some of the special brushes and created the background for the drawing, too.

And that’s it from me. Now show me what’s new with you. And have a great weekend!





penciled girl purple girl front

purple girl side

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39 thoughts on “Manga girl portrait from pencil to color”

  1. This is really fascinating to read about, with much more than meets the eye. Being more of a wordsmith, I respect and enjoy what you do. Your art is relatable and applicable to the average person, like me. I always feel drawn in to your art, even welcomed. Hugs.

  2. Sometimes it’s good to go with the flow and you are certainly producing some extraordinary artwork.
    Manga is so colourful. Great work.
    Happy PPF to you

    • Thank you very much, Neesie. I am definitely trying to loosen up, a lot. Which is not always easy when you have a daytime office job, but I’m getting there.
      Isn’t colorful (manga) fun?! I love it. Thanks again.

  3. Beautiful artwork! She is gorgeous , bright and magical ! enchanting!
    Have a lovely day!
    Thanks for visiting me too on SUnday Sketches.

  4. you are so talented! And I didn’t even know about photo art. I think you can do everything you want it would be a shame to put anythng away

  5. I have to agree with your husband, your art is spectacular and you should pursue it if that is what you want to do … you note that I think it should be your choice. I can’t imagine why anyone would object to anything you choose to do and put on your blog … it is your blog and it is all about art … your art, whatever you decide that is going to be. We are here to enjoy what you do and what you say. So draw on, CJ, we are loving it 🙂

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    • Thank you very much, Andrea. Your support is much appreciated as always. I built and started this blog with and for my photography and that is why it feels kind of strange to wander off into the drawing/painting direction at the moment. But, you and hubby are right, I will do I choose to. And I am thankful for you and others to stick around. Thank you and a BIG bear hug, Andrea.

  6. It’s a great drawing to start with, and then I absolutely love how you have coloured and shaded it. Love the way you have made the eyes and the hair and her little stand-up collar. Great background too. I must investigate “Procreate”.

    • Thanks so much, Sheila. It took me a while and I still have Sketshbook Pro app installed everywhere, but now I absolutely love ProCreate on my iPad Pro. It works really (!) well with the Apple pencil – says the non-Mac girl – LOL

  7. It It is exciting for me to see how you move from your sketchbook to the iPad. I have a number of apps on mine, but I have never been able to master using them. And I agree with your about the photography and work in Photoshop. It takes me hours and hours to get something the way I want it. So…this year I have been concentrating on my little watercolors and some mixed media. It brings me the greatest please. Really like your Manga girl both in pencil/pen and ink and the color work you did on the iPad. You are so talented.

    • To me it is really fun to be able to interchange between traditional and digital art. Not every app is great, there are soooo many out there, you really have to spend some time to find the one for you. And I will also add that I did not like to draw on my old(er) iPad as much as I do on the iPad Pro. As far as PS goes, yes, if you want to do it right and not quick-and-dirty you have invest some effort and thus time. Some of my composites have taken many, many hours, today’s photo art only about an hour.
      I am glad that you found what makes you happy. I love to dabble in watercolors, too. And I love seeing mixed media, but I am having some problems with that – oh well.

    • Thanks, Debbie, we’re in agreement then. I just cannot stick with only one medium, I just cannot. Like, today, I have got photo art on my site again 🙂 Oh well…
      Thanks so much!

  8. My boy really enjoys manga art as well. He has come a long way in his drawing as well…. I might have to get him to link up some day but that would also require him to have a blog… hmmm.

    Lovely art, well done Claudia!!

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens (

    • You might just have him do a guest post on yours 😉 I used to think of animation including anime and manga as kids stuff, but since I met my husband that sentiment changed, like 180 degrees and now I am drawing it myself.
      Thanks for stopping by Lisa!

  9. OhmyG!!!! Look how far you have come!!! She’s amazing and I love her. I seriously love her and you know why? I just died my hair with purple!! Not even kidding. LOL She may just be my kindred spirit in manga form. 🙂 And I agree with David and am so glad you followed his advice, because you really can see all your progress here. Would love to see more of her.
    Sorry I missed today! These past 2 weeks are the final ones in Guiding and I have been crazy busy!! Not to mention we seem to have random power failures and my email keeps crashing. Ugh. It’s like I am in a technological war zone lately. 🙁

    • You dyed your hair purple?! Where’s the photo? I haven’t seen one anywhere.
      Technological war zone does not sound fun, in fact I would not want to be there at all. I hope everything got fixed and you were able to enjoy quieter days including your birthday!!


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