Modern Art @ Philadelphia

This beautiful autumn Saturday morning let’s talk about a Few of My Favorite Things. Who doesn’t want to talk/think about their favorite things?? Old School Blogging suggested this topic and I decided to play along. So, without further ado, here are the prompts – but be sure to read on to the end for my personal freebie:
Sit down restaurant – I honestly do not have a favorite right now. Since moving to the US going out to dinner has become somewhat scarce due to not being able to walk to the venue. But the one restaurant we have frequented multiple times is Shanghai Jazz in Madison, NJ. A funky mix of yum Asian food and live jazz music. And they have a bar, too. Highly recommended!
Photo by Switzerland Wedding Company, Interlaken
Photo by Switzerland Wedding Company, Interlaken

Cookie – easy! White chocolate, macademia nut (from the ShopRite bakery). Hmm, or maybe their caramel sea-salt – to die for!

 Bath product scent – Kneipp, they have got many wonderful essential oil baths. My favorite for the past couple of years: Pure Bliss (that’s its name) with Red Poppy and Hemp – sooooo verrrry relaxing…
T.V. shows – hmm, no tv, but, of course, we do watch some series, on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Grimm is great. Burn Notice is fun. Farscape is sci-fi classic. Supernatural was better at the beginning, getting a bit old.
Flower/plant – those purple flowers in my wedding bouquet, I never remember their name. And I love Japanese, red maple, love it!
Philadelphia, modern, art, painting, MondrianBad-for-me snack – popcorn! Kettle corn, sweet & salty kettle corn from Trader Joe’s. Yummy!!
Magazines – nope, not much of  a magazine girl. I do have a few windsurfing mags lying around and I just got a Photoshop magazine through Kelby One, but haven’t checked it out yet. Definitely hate Glamour and Stylewatch & Co.
Hobby (besides blogging) – Windsurfing, bicycling and, of course, everything photography related. Yes, a bit more than a hobby, but I still have a 9 – 5 job, so, one could call it a hobby.
Holiday – well, I guess it has to be Christmas as we are not much into celebrating any other holiday. Since we don’t have kids, presents do not totally stress us out either.
Girls Night Out activity – with my girls being all overseas, this has not happened in a long time. But it usually involves a couch or fluffy, comfy rug and a bottle of good red wine.
Date night – that would be very classicly a table for two, possibly candle light dinner in a nice restaurant, hopefully with no driving involved, so we could have a cocktail to start off with. Well, or an overnight stay at a spa, wellness hotel would work, too.
Allright, you made it to the bottom! Well, almost, because I promised you one freebie. An all time favorite, so to speak: Art, especially paintings and in particular cubism and surrealism and generally early 20th century modern art. Ever since art classes in school I loved it. So, naturally when I learnt that during our brief visit to Philadelphia (find more photos here) one of the stops was going to be their Art Museum, I was happy. And when I found out they had so many of my favorite art and artist – I was (almost) in heaven. Cubism, Surrealism, Pop Art, Picasso, Dali, Feininger, Mondrian, Klimt, Liechtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg – to name few. We only had access to the first floor, but we also only had a couple of hours. Not enough. Check it out when you’re there, but for now enjoy these master pictures (not the photos).


Philadelphia, modern, art, painting
Philadelphia, modern, art, painting
Philadelphia, modern, art, painting,
Philadelphia, modern, art, painting, dali
Philadelphia, modern, art, painting
Philadelphia, modern, art, painting, Feininger
Philadelphia, modern, art, painting, Mondrian
Philadelphia, modern, art, painting, Klimt
Philadelphia, modern, art, painting, Liechtenstein
Philadelphia, modern, art, painting, Rauschenberg

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2 thoughts on “Modern Art @ Philadelphia”

  1. I am down with your girls night of comfy couch and red wine!
    And also the date night Table for Two with my sweetie — it’s been too long. I think the last time we went out was Valentines Day. holy.

    beautiful art. I want to go to our National Art Gallery with the kids soon.

    • Yeah – going out does not happen quite as often as I wished it did. However, that way it stays kind of special.
      You should definitely start taking your kids to your art gallery, the sooner they get in touch with the beauty of it the better.


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