Morristown Green Walking Tour

Friday was a beautiful day here in New Jersey. So, a friend and I decided to go on a little photo tour walking around the Morristown Green. We considered doing some real hiking, but decided to leave that when spring is getting here and plants start to look a little more alive again. Colorful natural life doesn’t effect architecture too much, we thought, and hence paid Morristown a visit. The Morristown tourist bureau even published a little brochure that you can check out and/or download as a pdf (click to open in new tab). We got there late morning and parked somewhere close to The Green. Walking there we realized that it is not spring yet, because there was an extremely cold wind. Despite this, there were first signs of spring: Snowdrops were blooming in front of the Presbyterian Church on E Park Place. We continued walking up to Washington Street corner Court Street, because here is the official start of the tour, being the location of the Tourism Bureau, The Morris County Courthouse and the First Baptist Church of Morristown. We continued our walk going back to and through The Green, down South Street, turning on DeHart St up to Macculloch Avenue and taking Miller St back to South Street. All along the way we witnessed the wonderful old architecture of this quaint small town. If you are not into historical architecture you might still consider visiting, because there are a ton of great shops featuring artisan crafts and great restaurants. We treated ourselves to some Italian food served in the Provesi (click to open in new tab) restaurant and loved every bit. I am now also the happy owner of two great looking mouth-blown and hand-painted flutes that I got in this shop: International Pottery (click to open in new tab) The shop on South Street features really great glass items and jewelry to name only a couple. I am sure I will come back often, since the flutes are part of a whole series of glasses.


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