OBX Photo time!

Hello Everyone,

A happy belated Thanksgiving to the folks living in the US of A. I spent the time with my US family on the west coast and did not have a lot of time to work on any drawings, much less finish a painting. But there are a couple in the works, so I’ll be back.

But for today I thought I would share some of my photos taken at the Outer Banks. We took our usual fall windsurfing trip a little earlier this year,  in the middle of October and had wonderful weather as usual. We did quite a bit of surfing, definitely lots of beach walking and simply watching sunrises, sunsets, clouds and the never ending waves.

Good times for the soul and to relax and recharge.

Just in time for the craziness of the Holidays that is going to hit us in no time. Well, I guess it is actually already here, so make the best of it!


Please click on any of the images to enlarge!

1 thought on “OBX Photo time!”

  1. I love them all. Each one seems to capture a different mood and they’re all beautiful. I love how you capture the majestic power of nature, whether an ocean wave or a sunset.


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