Water Color Illustrations

Thanksgiving in the US is over and as mentioned in my previous post I spent the time with my US family on the west coast. Far away from all my traditional art tools, because I only took my iPadPro. So, today’s post consists of the few watercolor paintings I did just before I left. Well, actually I started the Snow Queen (thanks for the title, Debbi!!) before my travels, but only finished her this week. I don’t particularly like her now that I’m calling her done, but – I did have fun and I love, love, love spreading the sprinkles :)!

Maybe I’ll show you my digital doodles next time, I know David would love me to.


[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_3]

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5 thoughts on “Water Color Illustrations”

  1. Claudia,

    Your snow queen is lovely! Your artwork always amazes me and one day when I’m grown up I hope I’m as good as you. 🙂 Here’s hoping you guys have a very Merry Christmas, dear friend! 😉

  2. Can’t believe I missed this post!! The Queen is lovely, the eye is really cool … and I absolutely love that colourful burst that looks like a tree spreading its roots. Always love seeing your creativity and how you try new things and surprise us.


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