Rockefeller Tree Lighting 2014

My pictures of this year’s performers

during the Rockefeller Tree Lighting ceremony.

I wish you and your family

a Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!


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  1. I would never say never. Maybe. Probably.
  2. Do you always send Christmas cards?
  3. I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
  4. Realizing how old I really am makes me kind of sad. Often. Sometimes.

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8 thoughts on “Rockefeller Tree Lighting 2014”

  1. I am sending out a few cards this year. I generally don’t send cards to people I will actually SEE and spend time with over the holidays — because I think the spending of time is the best gift. I LOVE the idea of cards, it just seems that most feel it’s a waste anymore.
    Sometimes I feel my age for sure… and then I see someone’s Disney pics on Instagram and I get all delighted like an 8 year old child again. It’s my dream trip for my kids — but secretly, OMG – I’d love to be there too. I love it all.

    • I never used to send cards, neither for Christmas, nor from vacation. But then David came along and insisted. And now, with most of our friends and family being all over the place, it is a very nice means to keep in touch. And I even get the occasional ‘cannot wait for your Christmas card’, which, of course, makes me happy 🙂
      You are a kid at heart and with your young kids, you’ll be sure to stay that way.

  2. Great shots. Looks like you were pretty close to the stage. I don’t really pay attention to my age so much, as that of my kids… and they are definitely growing up way too fast.

    • Hey Susi, looks like I missed your comment – sorry! Yeah, half the time, heck, 90 % of the time I don’t even know who is performing – LOL – and yes, we had VIP tickets again and were able to be right on the in rink. Although, this time friends of ours preferred to be up there and I have to admit the view was not bad either 🙂


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