Visit NYC at Christmas – 2nd try WITH music

o.k. this time ‘visit NYC at Christmas’ – 2nd try – with music. Which was the very reason it took me so long in the first place. What did I do? I simply uploaded the wrong video. Oh well, I think I will have to spend some time over the coming days to figure out a better resolution though, because I do not like seeing my pictures so pixelated.

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4 thoughts on “Visit NYC at Christmas – 2nd try WITH music”

  1. I had to show it to Scarlet, who happens to be up late tonight.
    She went to NYC on Wednesday and wants to see everything to do with it. She thinks it’s magical. I remember thinking that as a kid.
    Heck, I still do!

    • Make that three! And many, many more. There is something about the city at any time, but I especially love it at Christmas and/or at night. All the lights that sparkle. I just have to work on the settings for the video, everything still seems very pixelated, which I hate!


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