Sunrise photos in Birch Bay, WA




Such a daze of a light

the morning sun provides in fall

yet, August it is, not fall!

(My sunrise photos, from Birch Bay

the ones taken with my DSLR –

click here for a few iphoneonlyphotos)

Sunrise through a pine tree

Thistle in the morning light

Thistle at sunrise

The very same pictures as above

Dazing sparkles

Crops of the focus point – sparkling

Competing with the light, morning magic.

Dazing sparkles


And now for the Friday Four Fill ins ~ here is from Hilary’s blog:feelingbeachiebutton 200x200


  1. Living in a house by the ocean makes me happy. Oh wait – crap, I don’t live by the ocean 🙁 Got to correct that!
  2. Wondering what will happen always makes me tired of it. So, I try not to think about that too much. You cannot control everything.
  3. Looking back I would have liked to stay in Australia. Then again, I most likely would not have met the most wonderful husband there is 😉
  4. Listening to the ocean, waves and wind makes me feel extremely happy and calm and satisfied. (Come on, Hilary, you knew this would be my answer, right?!)

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22 thoughts on “Sunrise photos in Birch Bay, WA”

    • Walk to the beach is great, but in sight and hearing distance would be even better. I bet your friend has a great time there. Sydney is beautiful, very vivid and exploring something new is always fun.

    • You know what, Les? Honestly? I am glad that you didn’t quite (!) get these photos yet. I mean, I have been taking photos for years and years and you have really started only what? A year or so ago to taking photography more seriously? And you have taken so many, many awesome photos already, but there is so much more for you in it to achieve. I am sure sooner or later it will be you who is taking these photos 🙂
      Ocean. Waves – only 5 more weeks to go. Counting down…


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