Sunrise Photos & a Collage

songographyMorning Has Broken by Cat Stevens is this week’s song for Kathy’s You’ll-shoot-your-eyes-out Song-ography. Well, it is not morning anymore, no more time to take any sunrise photos. But today, for the very first time this year, despite the fact that it is May already, I went jiggy jogging early in the morning. And what a wonderful, sunny, but not too warm morning it was. Alas, I missed the sunrise – oh well. Off to my chest of treasures a.k.a. hard drives. Look what I found – last year at the Outer Banks, NC. I always love to get up early to watch the sun rise over the ocean.

Sunrise Photos


PhotoArtFridaySee you again next Sunday for another round of Song-ography. Hope to see you again. But before you go, I also have a little collage for you today. I wanted to post something entirely different for Photo Art Friday, however, as so often time ran away while I was updating my home page in order to gain a little speed. So, I will leave you with this collage of my few shots for April’s theme: Camera & memories of a photographer group I belong to.



And now, I will really let you go and do other stuff. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

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22 thoughts on “Sunrise Photos & a Collage”

  1. Ein frueher Morgen am Meer (egal ob Nordsee oder Atlantik) immer wieder traumhaft schoen. Mag die Wolken und die gerade sichtbare Brandung …schoen!

    • Da kann ich voll und ganz zustimmen, Karen. Aber ich bin da etwas voreingenommen, denn ich liebe das Meer egal zu welcher Tages- oder Jahreszeit. Wenn aber die Sonne über dem Meer auf- oder untergeht – dann ist es immer etwas ganz Besonderes.
      Grüße mir die Schweiz! Da hab ich auch fünf Jahre gearbeitet und gelebt. Und wir haben dort sogar geheiratet 🙂

  2. I almost reached out to my hard drive too – there are sunrise photos from a vacation in Mexico that are my all time personal favorites. But – I woke up at 5:15 this morning – and have NOT been faithful to my morning walks this winter….so, I thought it was time to head out and chase the sunrise. I’m in love with the golden and deep blue hues in this shot – stunning!

  3. Great song – and perfect shot to go with it. Makes me wish I lived near the ocean. I am discovering, after only a couple of months of having a camera, that while I don’t ever get bored of taking pictures; I am
    definitely getting bored of taking the SAME pictures in my little neck of the woods. I think to become even a half decent photographer, it is going to be necessary to venture much further than my own backyard and do
    some exploring. The pictures won’t come to me, right? 🙂
    I couldn’t see the collage though…???

    • Thanks, Les. Living at or near(er) the ocean? You and me both. While it is ‘only’ an hour, it is an hour driving.
      It is very true, after a while I tend to get bored with things, too. What helps me is to take a little me time and take a quick drive to e.g. the arboretum. Maybe you can do something similar with your kiddos?
      Thanks for letting me know about the collage, I guess I was seeing a cached version. I hope you can see it now…

  4. Gorgeous sun rise picture. I want so much to get up early to snap sunrise photos from Clingman’s Dome. The thing that’s holding me back is, we would have to get up really early to do this. The drive along is almost 2-hours and then to get the best shots we would have to hike a short (0.5 miles), but steep trail. The climate there is similar to central Canada, so it’s gonna be really chilly in the early a.m. hours. I’m just not ready to do this, but I hope to before the summer ends. 😀 BTW, do you have a macro/micro lens? I am thinking about getting one. Do you have a recommendation on what focal length is the best for most applications? Have a beautiful day!

    • I couldn’t get up that early either. This one was taken in October at OBX, so it meant getting up just before 7, o.k. on vacation and then walking through the dunes to the beach – a tough task! 😀
      Funny you should ask about a Macro lens now… because just two weeks ago I finally did get one (here are my first shots: After not having one for years, since going digital. The thing is I really indulged myself and got myself a freakin’ expensive one. 1) because a lot of people say it is the best (of the best) and 2) because I always wanted to own a Zeiss (or Leica) – LOL. So, that one is really expensive. But the other lens(es) that got very close to being bought by me were either the Nikon 105 mm 2.8 Micro or the Sigma 105 mm 2.8 Macro. Both have also very good reviews for Nikon, which I believe you have, too.

  5. “Jiggy Jogging”???? Haha…that’s kinda how I feel when “I” jog! Ahhhhh, the Outer Banks. You are stirring up some fond memories for me with this shot. We vacationed every summer at Corolla Light when the kids were younger. Back when the wild horses roamed free and you would come out in the morning to find one in your garage. Gorgeous shot, Such clarity. Thank you for joining in at Song-ography.

    • Yep, hubby’s expression for jogging walking jogging walking – I liked it 🙂 Hm, those horses don’t roam free anymore? Ever since going there for the first time I thought I should make the effort and try and ‘shoot’ some of them. But if they are not free…

      • Technically…they still roam “free”. I do believe they are now fenced in up north of Corolla Light. Yet can roam freely up in that area. It use to be that they could roam wherever they wished on the Outer Banks. They would always be in Corolla LIght. Many times we would leave our garage door open and find a horse in there come morning. They would be in your yard…wherever they wished. But a few got hit by cars and in an effort to protect them, their movement has been confined.

    • No, don’t tell me, Ida – you have never seen a sunrise over the ocean?! You are living here at the East Coast, aren’t you? Wow – who would have thought. Make a little time for it, it is magical…

  6. A wonderful and atmospheric image to look at (while I enjoy a short break for lunch at my office). For me, sunrise as well as sunset are both magical moments, especially if you are in a natural place like the sea or in the mountains.

    I like your shots with the historical cameras, btw. There have been a lot of changes since the photography was analog.

    Cheers, Michael

    • Hi Michael, apologies for the late reply (I am mending from a migraine…). I absolutely agree about the magic of either sunrise or sunset. I am glad my pics could serve your well deserved lunch break 🙂


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