David - just because

Just because

What can I say, but – just because. That is why I am posting this photo tonight. Just because. Just because I can and just because I want to. The weekend felt really short after …

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Along the lines of Dark and Light

Along the lines of shadows – move! Like waves, they seem to – move. Moving – ’til soon they will unite. Moving – along the dark and light. Lines of Dark and Light _____________________ ____________________________________ And now for the Friday …

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Memory of Light & Dark

Memories of Light chasing the shadows glowing – brought to life by darkness, in the dark, shining and thriving yet sometimes – just a faint Memory Memory of Light & Dark _________________________________________________________ And now for the Friday Four Fill …

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Abstract & Monochtome

Somehow these intrigued me to take a picture of them during our last vacation. For the pressgram weekend challenge: #dpmirror #monochrome Published via Pressgram