Monochrome Photography Challenge (Sisterhood)

If you follow me on Google Plus or Facebook you may have seen that I accepted a photo challenge. For five days I was to post one black & white picture and then challenge another photographer to do the same. You probably have been around for a while so you already know that I love monochrome photography. Therefore, rather than practicing the art of black & white photos, the challenge for me was, was posting a picture each and every day.

But I have done it. And since we just got back from our yearly Outer Banks vacation, I decided to stick with a beach theme throughout the challenge. Maybe not typically something you associate with black & white pictures, but I love it. Today is my fifth day and I am finishing this challenge with showing you all five photos here on my website.

Day 1 ~ Broken on the Beach ~

beach, b&w, shell, sand

Day 2 ~ waves ~

wave, surf, b&w

Day 3 ~ surf action ~

surfer, b&w, wave

Day 4 ~ sand ~

sand, b&w, beach. bokeh

 Day 5 ~ ice | glass | water ~

surf, wave, splash, b&w

And not only is this the final image for the 5-day-challenge, but also my final post in our Sisterhood Blog Circle. Since the publishing day always collides with my WW post I have decided that I need to let go of one or the other. And since I love my Instagram Wordless Wednesday even more, it has to be the Sisterhood. Many thanks to Isabelle Lafrance for having me as a sister. But now on to fellow photographer based in Ireland, Kay Maguire Photography.


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14 thoughts on “Monochrome Photography Challenge (Sisterhood)”

  1. I love the different perspective and tone that is achieved when you use the B&W on a beach shot. We’ve all seen gorgeous blue sky and surf pics – that are of course great; but this just helps you see it in a new way. It’s almost calmer – whereas the coloured ones are very vibrant and energetic. These are sooo soothing.
    Had fun with the challenge even though I was under the weather. but kinda fit the mood, right?

    • I am really glad you are seeing this and enjoying the b&w challenge, I love seeing your pictures and your creativity unfold in pictures, Leslie. Yes, b&w is somewhat unusual for a beach scene, but I like that other things pop out at you when you take away the colors.


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