Visit NYC anytime

‘Tis the season to visit NYC

(as you may realize towards the end of my slideshow)

It took me too long to compile this, so I am only linking up with Hilary and Adrienne today .


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  1. Sometimes I think I will never find a place to settle down for good.
  2. Do you love art as much as I do?
  3. Black Friday is way to commercial for me.
  4. Lots of quiet time, no rush, no stress – is my favorite thing about long holiday weekends

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14 thoughts on “Visit NYC anytime”

  1. I used to think I’d never settle down either – ha! Now look at me. But… I can still feel that wanderlust inside. sometimes it’s pretty quiet and is happy with memories of yesteryear: sometimes it’s really loud and demanding to be exercised again. that’s usually also the times when the kids are loud and demanding. LOL
    All of it is gorgeous – I so want to come to NYC again!!! I can’t even pic a favourite — they’re all so amazing. so many great views. really cool perspectives of the city. just awesome. I know you said it took a long time… but you should do more of these! ha

    • Once that travel bug bit you, you have it for life. Like you say, sometimes tucked away, and then coming back at you with a vengeance. I definitely do not do enough traveling these days. I know, I know, it may be a lot more than you do right now, but it is all a matter of perspective and circumstances. I do not have kids who need me to be home for them until they are old enough, so why am I not traveling more?
      Sigh – I am in a fairly foul and melancholic mood tonight and should not be blogging.

  2. I can understand the feeling in #1. I’ve lived in 4 different cities and 9 different homes in the last 15 years. Hoping LA is the “forever city” since I love it here so much. 🙂 Very much agree with your #4! Kind of wish all weekends were long weekends.

    • I like the sound of ‘forever city’ – I hope your wish comes true for you, Jennifer. I really don’t think that where I am right now is where I want to grow old. It is o.k. – but not a dream. I so cannot wait for the next long weekend – I really need to take some more time to dream…

  3. I’m totally looking forward to some relaxing quiet time over the holidays and family movie time… Great slide show. Makes me want to go see the city. It’s been too long…

    • Your up late(ish), too, Susi 🙂 Thanks, it just took too long to make that slideshow. I will have to try again and be a bit more organized about it, not trying to cramp in everything. Well, I’ll be back in the city this week – niece is visiting from Germany – yay!


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