Weasel & Gnome: Part II

Weasel & Gnome: A story for kids with pictures.Nicky Gnome & Wally Weasel

W&G: ‘As you may remember, this is where we left off last time, moving along the top of the bench towards… our bright future. Want to read part I? Find it here.’

WW: ‘Say Boss, why are we here anyway?’

Boss: ‘Because I need models to photograph: and you’re it!’

NN: ‘Why don’t you just use your husband?’

Boss: ‘Because; he’s quite camera-shy.’

WW: ‘So are we!’

NN: ‘Not to mention afraid of heights!’

Boss: ‘You two fit easily in my pocket. He doesn’t!’

W&G: *Grumble*

Soon after Nicky & Wally found there way down that bench, they came across the next hurdle. Stairs going all the way up to…

NN: ‘*pant* Wally, *pant pant* wait for me. Not so fast. Where are we going?’

Weasel & Gnome

WW: ‘Come on, Nicky. Move along. The quicker we get to the top of the stairs the sooner we get to go home’

NN: ‘Are you sure, Wally *pant*, somehow I suspect Boss has got other plans for us.’

WW: ‘Aaaah, whatever. Let’s find ourselves as nice spot while she isn’t looki…g *click* – damn’ that camera again!’

Boss: ‘Hey Nicky, Wally, looks great. I think I already got some nice shots of the two of you. But we got to get going. I have got something else in mind.’

Uh oh – that made Weasel & Gnome very suspicious. Whenever Boss has got plans, Weasel’&’Gnome seem to draw the short straw.

Weasel & Gnome

NN: ‘I thought we could have a nice break, Wally. I am tired. Those stairs just were too much for me.’

WW:’*mumble* if you had kept to your training schedule and workouts… *mumble mumble*… Come, Nicky, let’s go. Boss wants us to climb up there’

Weasel & Gnome

NN: ‘Uhm, up… there?!

WW: ‘Stop doddling and get moving, Nicky. Look, I am already up here and you?! Get going!’

NN: ‘Yadiyadiyadiya…, I’m already on my way. Don’t you worry.’

Weasel & Gnome

NN: ‘Waaaallllyyyy! Wait. Wait for me!’

WW: ‘What’s up, honey? I am right here. Not far to go now.’

NN: ‘Not far to go?? Are you kidding me?!’ *looking up* *Way up* *And further up*

Weasel & Gnome

NN: ‘I.am.scared.Wally. Help me, please. I am not moving one inch. Not even a fraction of an inch. Is there anything smaller than a fraction? Cause that’s how far I’m NOT even moving. Wallyyyy..?!.’

Weasel & Gnome

NN: ‘Waaaalllyyyy, I’m faaaaallll…..’

Why don’t you join us, Nicky, Wally and Boss (and possibly ‘camera shy husband’) on their journey? See you next time for another episode of: Weasel & Gnome: A story for kids with pictures.

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12 thoughts on “Weasel & Gnome: Part II”

  1. LOL – I love their adventures!!
    The shots looking up the tree are fantastic.

    So where are they off to next? a beach? A sidewalk cafe?
    Ferry ride to Lady Liberty?


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