Are you living a lie?

These are my blogging prompts for today:

  1. Random Confession. It’s good for the soul!
  2. “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift

Random confession of the day: I am living a lie.That’s right, it is the brutal truth. I am a photographer, and I am not. I am also a logistics manager, then again I am not. I want to live the way I am living right now, right here. The fact that I am on vacation is merely a plus. But what I really mean is that, leaving all my misgivings about the current winter in New Jersey aside, I do not like the cold in general. But I am living and making a living in New Jersey, which, lets face it, is warmer than a lot of places, but also much, much colder than many.

Usually you would think that flying in four and a half hours from sub-zero day temperatures to plus 30 °C average day temperatures would mean quite an adjustment for one’s body. One that usually takes a few days, especially if you pair it with fairly high humidity and strong sunshine and very warm nights, too. Yet, after just one day and night, both David and I said, forget about the a/c, which we had running the first night, and lets just open the windows and start the ceiling fan. Not only did we not freeze and employ thick comforters, but we slept wonderfully to the sound of the crashing waves without any noise from the a/c. In less than a day and night we had already adjusted. What does that tell us? Both of us believe that we were born to live in warmer climates.

It does not mean that we don’t like working in New Jersey. But with all the modern technology I cannot help but wonder how necessary is it really to have an office in a fixed location? Yes, there sure are jobs, in fact a lot of jobs, which require you to be in one certain place. This post does not apply to those kind of jobs. But I am convinced that I could do my job from just about anywhere. As long as I have a fast and reliable internet connection. Something that even to this day is not available everywhere – yet. But it is part of our future and our connectivity will grow further over the next years exponentially.The thing that is not growing as fast is its acceptance.

There is the personal acceptance. Ask yourself: How much are you personally embracing new technologies? It is a fact that they are part of all our lives, no matter if we embrace or resist them. They will not go away, but only grow. What do you do? How do you feel about it?

Then there is its acceptance by businesses. Or not, as it is another case of very mixed beans just as it is with the personal acceptance. There are those modern businesses that have no offices at all. Think about working with your laptop and headset from your favorite coffee shop or book shop or even the beach. Because all you need are the connection and the hardware to make that connection.

And then there are companies that require you to come into the stuffy old or new and air conditioned office, spend and work there 8 or 10 hours, then go home and come back the next morning. Day after day the same rut. Day after day, me personally, I feel I am loosing a little bit of my creative juices. Creativity does not go along well with ‘same ol’, same ol’. Or does it?

I don’t mind too much the restrictive, sometimes boring routine of an office to keep my creativity in check.

I need my sometimes boundless creativity to balance the routine of the office work.

I guess I just need them both. I want it all. And I need it all. Truth.

So, there’s my confession of the day: I really want to live and work here – see photos below – in a warm climate, with the ocean at my back door and a roofed terrace to work in the shade. Possibly paired with the occasional ‘break’ a.k.a. visit to a real office (in NJ?).

But, I guess I just have to shake it all off and deal with it, because most companies, including the one I am working for, are not ready for that kind of radical move into embracing current or future technology. I’ll readily admit there are far, far worse things than living my life as is. And this being a vacation ‘only’. But it does not mean that I cannot dream and hope, right?! And why does home have to be in a cold, wintry NJ? Sigh…

Well, as another song goes ‘it never rains in California…. but it pours’ which is also true for our Caribbean paradise of Bonaire. Today is one of those days that has frequent changes of wonderful sunshine and then within minutes there are clouds everywhere and it pours, man, it pours… Which, of course, makes for good rainbows. And we all know what lies at the end of the rainbow, right?!

bonaire, caribbean

Bonaire, Caribbean, rainbow

Very-Inspiring-Blog-Award-photop.s. I have just heard that Cathy over at Curious as a Cathy nominated me for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’. By accepting it and playing along today I am obeying by these rules:

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  • The amazing talent and art out there on the interweb, some of which can be found in my Saturday linky here!
  • And online course that I’ve been participating in about creating digital art
  • The diversity of nature: Snow and ice back home in New Jersey, sunshine blue skies turquoise ocean here in the Caribbean

Are you feeling inspired? I am! :D

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22 thoughts on “Are you living a lie?”

  1. Like you I’m not fond of the cold anymore but love having the house cool at night and the sound of the ac to lull me to sleep. And I consider myself very lucky that I get to live here in paradise. Even though I would love to work on a shaded balcony… 🙂

  2. Wonderful post! And thank you for the compliment! Especially sweet since you are so far ahead of me when it comes to photography! I love your work and reading your writings! Here’s to all the creative people who make this world a little bit better with each little thing they do! 🙂

  3. You have hit on the exact reason why I am not back to work, even though all the kids are in school during the day now. Office. Walls. Cubicles. Politics. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I know this may sound dramatic, but I quite honestly feel like my soul would shiver into a little cold, lifeless ball and die. Okay, maybe just whither a bit, but still….. I so do not want to go back to working in a boring office. I paid my dues! Heck, I worked in a prison!
    So I don’t blame you one bit for wanting something more… or, ALL!
    And that is a darn good “work” view you have!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for expressing your understanding, Leslie, it means a lot. Because I really do feel (a bit) like I am whining over nothing. Yet dreams and hope are so important in our lives.
      Good for you and your family that you are staying home, as hard as it is sometimes, it is probably a good choice.
      I would not mind having that work view either 😀

  4. I was blessed to find a hole to work in with a great group of people that make coming in fun. It does have its days where “calling in” weighs heavy on my brain.

    Looks pretty darn amazing where you are and I hope you’re having a wonderful time!

  5. Thank you for the nomination…it always strikes me as funny when someone I admire, thinks I am ‘okay’ :). I soooo wish I could find something that paid me to do WHAT I love…WHERE I love. Wouldn’t THAT just be perfect!?! If technology allows it, wouldn’t it behoove EVERYONE to work in a place that is most conducive to prodictivity for them individually? Sounds like a win/win situation to me! Thanks for joining in at Song-ography.

  6. “I really want to live and work here – see photos below – in a warm climate, with the ocean at my back door and a roofed terrace to work in the shade.” Yep, I am totally with you on that…. I would love to live and work in such a place


  7. Wow, to be nominated with my sister! How cool.
    You should keep your eyes and ears open always. There are some companies out there that will allow that kind of lifestyle. Or you could start your own!
    I’m definitely made for a warmer climate.

  8. Sorry I am so late! Bill got home, after being away trucking for a month.
    First of all. I really enjoyed your post. What a great, honest thought to ponder. It is a shame that so much of life is spent just trying to support yourself. But, what is the alternative?
    Secondly, congratulations! Your posts are always so inspiring. You are a creative energy. I love that about you.
    And thank you for nominating me. I am…stunned. I do not see myself as an inspiration; never even thought about it. I sometimes hope to give people something to think about. I hope to sometimes make a difference by something I do. I like to try to speak for those without a voice, and help to ease suffering.But, mostly, I just want to do the right thing and maybe connect with someone or something in the world. I am touched that you nominated me. Thank you. I will get this posted this week, but maybe not until late, after Bill has gone back on the road. HUGS.

    • Don’t apologize, Annie. You have got so little time to spend with Bill so you have to make the most of it. Do it! I really think that ‘making people think’ is part of being inspiring, don’t you?


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