Falling leaves

Today I wanted to be creative. Yesterday we had done all the aedmlogoredthings around the house that are usually waiting for us on the weekend. And today, Sunday, we wanted to relax, just do some laundry on the side, but generally just be together and enjoy. Reason being – David was going to go, well, he just did, on another business trip. Nothing new or out of the ordinary, but still, we like to at least try and avoid stressing out, you know avoid things like – did I pack everything, did I book the shuttle, have I packed all chargers etc. etc. etc. Alas, we did not succeed completely. But for the most part. Which meant that I did not really start to get creative until now, 6:30 pm.

All this when I just stumbled across a ‘new’ meme. Some of you have probably heard of or even participated in Nanowrimo (writing a novel in a month), but you also know that I am no writer, I am a photographer, a visual artist, and obviously I cannot participate in Nanowrimo. Well, it turns out there are other artists feeling the same way and one of them, Leah of Art Every Day, has created and declared November as the Art Every Day Month, over ten years ago – where have I been? Living on the moon? No idea, really… Sometimes I really need a kick in the a…. Actually that does not always work, I can be a pretty good mule, too, but if you look at the 5 day black & white challenge – that turned out not so bad, did it?

Naturally I will not be able to create art every day, I really wish I could, but working a 8-5 day job and normal household chores does not leave a whole lot of time, as I am sure most of you know. But I will try and post to this fantastic meme as often as I can. And, may I just say, Leah’s watercolors are fantastic, you should really check them out.

For today though, I will leave you with a ‘preparation for later creativity’, a picture or parts thereof that I will be using in a composit for David’s story and something else. David and I went outside for little while and he was my assistant, gathering and throwing leaves into the air so I could ‘shoot’ them, falling leaves. We have a lot of leaves here at the moment and a wonderfully red, orange colored tree and it was very windy today. With this wind and a bit of patience I could have done this by myself, but, honestly, having David around was a bonus. And all in all, not too bad for a prep shot, quite usable, right? Or, what do you think?

leaves, falling, autumn, fall, wind

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6 thoughts on “Falling leaves”

  1. Love it! It’s the same view outside my window. I did the same with my kids and caught them in mid-flight too. pretty soon they will all be on the ground and I swear I briefly saw white flakes instead of raindrops for a few moments the other day.
    I’m not ready for winter! I want to live in the colour of Fall a little while longer.

    I did the November writing thing one year and decided I didn’t like it. All my writing felt forced and contrived. I need to be inspired by something – or else I will just write any old thing. I wish I could be so disciplined though.

    • Oh no, don’t you dare say that s… word yet. It was forecasted, but did not happen last weekend – phew.
      I thought you might have done the Nanowrimo. I know I would not be able to do that. I like a little bit of pressure, but with my art – I don’t.

  2. Scarlet keeps remarking about how beautiful it is when leaves fall and I realize I should photograph them! Or she should! She seems to have the interest.

    And boy is my bloglovin busy right now with the November challenges. I love it.

    • It sure was pretty, seeing the leaves fly, especially with the wind. Hah – once the wind changed directions within the houses and all the leaves turned around and hit David – LOL – he didn’t think it was funny, I thought it was hilarious.
      Every now and then a challenge is a good thing. But in general I am pretty much a looser when it comes to these kinds of challenges. They just don’t work with me, just because I usually do not care enough, I guess 🙁

  3. Oh how wonderful it would be if we could all earn our bread from our art. I have to work too so participating in that challenge would BE a challenge!! The pictures reminds me of the leaf fall I drove through to SC a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful sunny skies, breezes and leaves showering down. You got a great “light” on that one. The look as if they are dancing!

    • That would be one artsy world, huh?! Yeah, I cannot do this every day, there is just no way. And when I make a picture (see next post), it is not done within an hour or so, it takes time, quite a bit, even or especially if it does not look like it.
      We actually timed the photo shoot perfectly, because the sun was already pretty low = nice, soft light, long shadows and the wind – it really did make the leaves dance. Despite the fast shutter speed, there are a lot of pictures where the leaves are out of focus. But some are good.


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