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Gooooood morning! You knew this was coming, right? Of course, you did. Here is the third part of my little journey into a whimsical world of winter. It is inspired by  by the wonderful Tamara Laporte and her online class ‘Winter Soul Flakes’, where we are to create mixed media art pieces showing three girls having all different shades of skin tones and their furry friends. I started with the light skinned version, which I showed you two weeks ago (here) and the medium skin tone last week (here).

Now it is time for number three, a whimsy girl with pretty dark skin and her teddy bear. Let me just tell you it was not easy. I have not been drawing a ton of human, but still, when I do I usually tend to draw light skinned ones. So, this was definitely a challenge. I also mucked up the symmetry of the face somewhat, so I had to re-do some parts. Thankfully this is a mixed media piece i.e. gesso and acrylics, people! But… in the close up and in real life you may still see it. Having said that, you may think it’s supposed to be that way. Did you notice that I also used some shiny iridescent india ink for the background, but also for the ‘snow’ splatters? Those india inks a very potent, and I love them.

Along with the darker skin the whole painting happened to be darker, the colors, the mood. Most likely it is a reflection of my own mood last week. See, I am usually painting before I go to work in the morning and then again when I get home. Now, there were some issues at work with our biggest customer that had to be worked out. And apparently this transferred over into my painting, I think. Then again, maybe I’m just imagining that.

This is the third and last girl in this particular series. But not to fret, Tam has got plenty more inspiration and courses to choose from on Willowing.ning. And I just happen to own another two, or three? So, that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend.

More painting, more creating, more art!

Have a wonderful weekend!




If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

Mixed Media Winter Girl Paintings #1 – #3

(Remember – you may always click on a single photo in the gallery to view it enlarged.)

Mixed Media Winter Girl Painting #3

Created in my sketchbook using lots of tools

(Remember – you may always click on a single photo in the gallery to view it enlarged.)

self portrait, Claudia Willison, ImagesByCW

Claudia is founder, owner and soul of ImagesByCW Photography. Born in Germany, traveled though Europe and Australia, she currently lives with her American husband in New Jersey, USA. She blogs about what she loves: Photography, art, internet and computers in general, as well as cooking and windsurfing. When not working she enjoys reading, music, windsurfing and listening to the sound of waves and the wind, preferably together with her husband.

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