Time (water) frozen – the Nooksack River in the Pacific Northwest

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4th week of November’s Art Every Day and also in NaBloPoMo

November 21st

Day #21 of AEDM and NaBloPoMo – and also I think I have now given up on the writing prompts that Blogher is providing. 1) yes, more often than not, I am not using them and 2) like last week, it is Monday and they still don’t have this week’s prompts up. Not the way to run this event, IMO.

So, back to my photo series of the Pacific Northwest (if you missed them, here are the previous posts: Beach and driftwood twice (here with webs), the moss&fern and also the Nooksack Falls, the Nooksack River). Yesterday I showed you the flowing Nooksack River, using a longer exposure to soften, melt the flowing water. And I promised you photos of the same rive doing the opposite, ‘freezing’ the water.

I really think both methods to take photos of rivers and other flowing water e.g. waterfalls have their place and purpose. However, since it is harder to achieve a good result, especially with the always-there-camera a.k.a. the iPhone, I tend to prefer to use and show longer exposure. And I am not saying it is impossible to take long exposures with the iPhone. I have done that many times, however you need a special app for it.

So, ‘price question’ – which methods or photos do you prefer?I hope you enjoyed these photos (gallery below – please click on a photo to open them to view larger, it is worth it) of the PNW.




If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

Photo Series of the Pacific North West

Nooksack River – taken with my DSLR and edited in LR & PS

5 thoughts on “Time (water) frozen – the Nooksack River in the Pacific Northwest”

  1. If I could have only one type of river photos to view, I’d have to choose your spectacular freeze-frame.
    And your text is always icing on the cake.

  2. Both the flowing and frozen waters are lovely. I’m a camera person and since I don’t own ANY cell phone (one of three people left in the world who doesn’t own a cell), it would be hard for me to judge. I personally like both equally. And I’m not on the fence, either. It’s how I feel when I look at them.

  3. The thing I like about the “frozen” waters is the way the light can reflect — it’s a bit different, perhaps more natural in that mode. But I still prefer the energy that seems to pop from the flowing waters shots. And it really gives it an ethereal tone too, which just elevates the whole thing. But really, any shot of water does my soul good. 🙂


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